Recomp: Is this right?

Now that I'm in my maintenance range, after losing 148 lbs, I looked into the recomp threads. What I get out of it is recomp means to eat at maintenance calories and lift weights, and this will help you continue to lose fat and build muscle. Is this correct?
I'm already doing this and didn't know it was recomp, lol. My clothes are getting looser and I'm no longer losing.
What's the alternative in maintenance?...Eat at maintenance calories, not lift weights, and get flabby?


  • Sued0nim
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    Basically yep

    But weights are a choice not a just have to keep using your muscles
  • sijomial
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    It's not actually anything special, unusual or needing to be forced. Just your body responding and adapting to a stimulus. Your body reflects your lifestyle essentially.

    You've lost 148lbs!!! Oh wow. :)
  • lorrpb
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    I thought it was a special program because people are always saying "I'm going to do a recomp now." Good to know it's just normal maintenance that I was planning to do anyway!
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    I think the idea that it's something different, comes along because folks say to themselves, I'm doing this now, and it will take (insert time span here) months to accomplish.

    Ya know, now that I'm where I want to be weight-wise. Myself included!! Especially if they lose weight first and start weight training afterwards.

    It just so happens that I had been weight training while packing on the pounds. So when the weight started falling off (had nothing to do with the weight training, excess pounds accumulated during that 15 years, to the tune of 178 at my highest on my small, 5' asian frame.) I continued to train because it was just something I did.

    I also thought I had a feat to accomplish that was separate and aside from losing the weight.

    Here I am, 2 years after I quit logging on MFP at 124-126#'s wearing a size 10-12.

    I continued to train, as was my habit, I now weigh 128-132# wearing a size 5-6 in jeans.

    I remember seeing folks saying that it takes a long time to re-comp.

    Darn right!!!...until I can't pick up the weights anymore I suppose. That suits me just fine.
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    I'm excited that I can continue to improve my looks without losing more weight!
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    ;) That's awesome!!!

    Indeed. I look better now, than I did when I was 30!!
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    lorrpb wrote: »
    What I get out of it is recomp means to eat at maintenance calories and lift weights, and this will help you continue to lose fat and build muscle. Is this correct?

    I just started to recomp after achieving my body weight and body fat objectives and this is exactly what I plan to do

    However, the devil is in the details in terms of how to your maintain without losing LBM (and muscle) or gaining fat. That will be the challenge.

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    @lorrpb I have been waiting for the bells and whistles post on the day you hit your goal.

    You have the right idea about recomp. I always say mine is a life long one as I have no intention of stopping. Taking breaks and doing body weight for a few weeks, yes, but stopping and letting myself get weak, and/or flabbier, no.

    Did you find a new trainer or gym?
    Did you decide on a programme to follow or are you continuing what you did with your trainer?

    The recomp will slowly resculpt your body. You look wonderful already by the way.

    Cheers, h.