Working on baby weight, need friends

Though honestly I doubt I can keep claiming "baby weight" as my youngest baby is almost 3 lol. But it was weight I gained during pregnancy and haven't been able to get rid of yet, so...I'll stick with it for now.

Looking for friends on here for accountability and encouragement. I was active here after my first baby and lost 30lbs, but my second came along and everything went out the window. So finally, I'm back! And taking things seriously again. Counting my calories and using my food diary. I'll be adding home exercise in again soon as well.

I'm a 32yr old woman on the East Coast (USA) with about 50lbs to lose. Most of the friends I had on here when I first started are long-inactive and I find that having active friends is super helpful! Feel free to add me :)


  • Neha1406
    Neha1406 Posts: 1 Member
    I am with you. I am trying to loose 20 lb baby weight. So far I have worked really hard and successfully lost 25 pounds after my delivery last year. My baby is turning 1 next month and It pains me a lot to still have so many extra pounds. But I am loosing motivation now and looking for friends who can push me to the limit to exercise as much as I can and log each day.
  • beckiebidd74
    beckiebidd74 Posts: 8 Member
    I know what you mean. I am still trying to lose mine and my girlfriend just gone 5 and in school lol. Guess have always found excuses why wasn't losing weight. just decided need to knuckle down and stop making excuses. I hAve 3 stone left to lose. Have lost half stone over a very long period so come on here to get rid of last 3 stone. Will send you friend request
  • Wiggymommy
    Wiggymommy Posts: 106 Member
    Yea mine just started school and I still have it all to lose!
  • RyanneRose
    RyanneRose Posts: 128 Member
    Started doing workouts again and still looking for more friends on here if anyone wants to friend up!
  • SuperNerd42
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    Always looking for mom friends! Oldest is 5, baby is 6 weeks. I just got the ok to work out again, so I'm excited to start again.

    I never did lose everything from my oldest, and then tacked more on with some meds.
  • ibarra97adriana
    ibarra97adriana Posts: 8 Member
    Im also ready to lose the weight. I had my baby 7 months ago & i feel i keep gaining weight. I need motivation and friends !!
  • Mandi5512
    Mandi5512 Posts: 61 Member
    Any of you kadies feel free to add me. Im a mom of 3 via c section and working hard to lose mine! My diary is open!
  • 0nCloud9
    0nCloud9 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm new here. I just had my 3rd baby 5 months ago. I finally lost the weight from my second daughter and along came my 3rd. I've put on so much weight with her. I'm desprite to lose this weight! My niece told me about this app so I'm trying to take this serious lol Hope to add some friends for help and encouragement.!