Eating for blood type

Has anyone looked into Dr. Peter D'adamos diet theory of eating for your blood type?
If yes, have you noticed a change?

I'm interested in this "diet" however it seems very strange and would like some personal opinions on it!

On that note also, does anyone want to possibly start a group with me where we can start this "diet"?


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    If you think about it logically, 38% of the population are O positive, meaning 38% of the population should be eating the same things to lose weight? Does that sound right to you?
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    This is still a thing? Who knew.
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    Caloric deficit = weight loss.
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    It says I should eat low carb, no way in hell! I've tried low carb, not for me :s
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    It's just another crackpot selling another crackpot diet book. No scientific evidence whatsoever showing it's valid or useful. Eat at a caloric deficit and you'll lose weight, your blood type has nothing to do with it.
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    It's bogus. I GUARANTEE you that if you ate whatever was mentioned for you by this "Dr", but ate in surplus, you won't lose weight.

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    Do you honestly think with millions of years of human evolution that has enabled us to thrive in all manner of circumstances and conditions that we'd really need some specific food or diet as per our blood type?
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    "Very strange" sells more diet books, and ad space than "eat less and move more." This diet is nonsense.
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    so just for sh!ts and giggles, I had a look at what blood group B should eat and avoid.

    Apparently I shouldn't eat any shellfish (crab, shrimp, lobster, mussels, oysters, crayfish, clams, etc), cut out tomatoes, and avoid pasta. Bollocks to that. One of my favourite foods in the entire world, is a huge bowlful of cioppino served over linguine.

    Think I'll stick with the shoe size diet.

    I'm B too, and when I looked at it (for amusement only, and it's entirely possible that different pages on the blood type have different recommendations), it also said to avoid chicken and eat lots of goat and dairy. Avoid grains in general. I decided it was based on the presumed diet of people riding all day over the steppes and ending the day with some fermented mare's milk. I also decided it was probably the Dothraki diet.

    Someone pointed out that the places where B is most common is in Asian countries with a high incidence of lactose intolerance, so this idea that B=should consume lots of dairy is weird. Of course, I love dairy and do well with it, but that's probably because most of my ancestry is from countries where dairy has been consumed for a long time, and in which type B is generally quite rare.
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    Op things that helped me...

    Don't diet ever again
    Eat the foods you love within the calorie goal set by Mfp or a TDEE calculator set for a cut
    After a few months play with your macros to find a combo that helps keep you satisfied
    Read and read the forums here.

    There is so many diet myths that continue to be repeated by so called experts that are just trying to make a buck.