restaurant in a couple hours- order for me!

pretty straight foward, i'm meeting my family for dinner tonight at The Shannon Rose. I'm horrible with menus, I never know what to get. Unfortunately their calorie/nutrition information is not available, which only makes it harder.
I have no dietary restrictions, but definitely plan on chucking back a light beer or two, which I already added to my diary, so I have around 650 calories left for the day.
Please take a look and order me dinner! (thank you!)


  • Chef_Barbell
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    Order what you want. Eat half and take the other half home.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    I would get one of the sandwiches or burgers with a salad on the side instead of fries. Keep the dressing on the side. You can even do it bunless, to keep calories down. Or eat half the sandwich now and take half home.

    Or share with someone?
  • VeryKatie
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    Most things at restaurants start at a minimum of 800 calories. I would expect any entree to be 1000-2000 each. I normally wouldn't go to a restaurant with a goal of 650 and expect to stay under it unless I am ok with being hungry later.

    Maybe choose to drink only one beer. And then eat half of whatever you order.

    I'd probably go with a margherita flatbread. Or a reuben because those things are freaking awesome. Or shepherds pie. But that's just what I like!

    If you're looking for lowest cal for a whole dinner... maybe the salmon. But there might be a lot of calories hiding in the sauce for the salmon as well as the potatoes. Probably plenty of oil in the spinach too. Maybe ask for a substitute for a garden salad with the salmon. Save the potatoes for another day. Dressing on the side of the salad so you can see how much you use.
  • crzycatlady1
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    Oh wow, that's an amazing looking menu! I'd go with the Flat Iron Steak-calories be darned :D It looks like almost everything is marinated or comes in some sort of sauce and that's where the calories are going to hit-frankly I'd just enjoy the heck out of your supper and time with family, and not worry about it, it's one meal :)
  • EDollah
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    I'd get the pulled pork poutine because pulled pork is delicious and poutine is delicious. Well, at least pulled pork from NC is, and poutine from Quebec is, dunno about combining them in Jersey.

    My for real answer to hit 650 cals would be the turkey-brie wrap. Go easy on the sweet potato fries and that may well be within your target.
  • avskk
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    I'd go with the Shannon Rose quesadilla (it's an appetizer, but come on, it sounds amazing), the corned beef spring rolls (ditto), or the French onion soup and lemon-artichoke chicken. This place looks great, I hope you have a good time! :)

    Oh, and... I'd definitely try the soda bread pudding. Calories, schmalories. Worth it.
  • chocolate_owl
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    I'm thinking the Kale and Butternut Squash Salad will be the closest you come to hitting your calorie goal. The salmon will probably put you over, but not by a ridiculous amount. I'm all for ordering what you're in the mood for and taking half home.