Is anyone else dreading christmas dinner?

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I've been good this month a Ferrero rochere here or there but nothing diet breaking. But now that I've finally beat my weight loss plateau I'm nervous about Christmas dinner and my diet. I thought about doing an intermitten fast/ refeed for the 25 and 26 and then go back to regular dieting. Do you guys have plans on how to beat this holiday temptation?


  • lady_ghost
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »'s just a day and one's pretty irrelevant when you look at the bigger picture.

    Also, don't know what your dinner looks like, but my Christmas dinner isn't terribly different from any other night other than the fact we're having, a lean protein, veg, and a starch...pretty par for the course.

    Mine is full of fat carbs and red meat oh and sugar chocolate and alcohol. I'm having it with family
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    Yes and no. I'll be eating out for dinner back home in Vegas for the next few days. I'm stoked about that. I have been missing the amazing food so bad. The 24th we're having Costco pizza and boxed cookies, so not excited about that party. I stopped logging yesterday and don't plan to log until I'm back, maybe even through New Years. I'm being conscious of not overdoing it, but if I don't lose or even gain a pound or two I'm cool with it. I'll be back to routine come January.
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    I can't wait. It's one meal. I plan to enjoy.
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    Can't wait. It is one day. I will not drink ETOH. Will enjoy all the food.
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    I'm home for the holidays, and the macaroni casseroles of my culture are to die for, and are usually reserved for special occasions. I can't wait for my Christmas feast. :) I agree with the other posters. Log and move on, bank calories (via exercise and/or eating less), and/or exercise portion control. Whatever happens, just get back on track the next day and in following days. Try not to dread any meal in the future. Yes, food is primarily fuel, but it is also an important part of our social lives.
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    Noel_57 wrote: »
    I'm having my usual prime rib smoothie detox cleanse on Christmas so I'm good.


    We have prime rib also. Looking forward to it!
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    Prime rib here too. And for you wine drinkers -- I know, it sounds dreadful -- but Underwood makes wine in a can. I've only tried the Pinot Noir, and it's actually pretty good. $8 a can at Whole Foods. But the beauty is, when it's gone, it's gone. 300 calories for 12 oz. No bottomless bottles for me this holiday.
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    lady_ghost wrote: »
    about doing an intermitten fast/ refeed for the 25 and 26 and then go back to regular dieting.

    Could work if you're used to IF. It's not just skipping meals under any other name.

    I would go for 16/8 with the following schedule:
    24th: finish eating at 9pm
    25th: lunch at 1pm, enjoy food as you will until 9pm
    26th: lunch at 1pm, enjoy food until 9pm
    27th: lunch at 1pm, resume diet.

    PS Christmas calories don't count.
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    It's two bigger than average meals (Christmas day and Boxing day) then it's back to the norm.
  • Lounmoun
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    We are having a pretty normal dinner with the addition of a dessert. It isn't a big feast like Thanksgiving.
    One meal/day doesn't doom you. Don't stress about it.