2017~~52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • jm216
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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
  • McKay85
    McKay85 Posts: 60 Member
    Count me in! I will start in Jan 17!
  • JuStDoIt87
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    edited December 2016
    Can I join? Sounds like a good challenge
    jm216 wrote: »
    We can do this.... 1 pound a week.
    Join me if you're ready to do it right this time.
    More exercise, veggies, fruit & protein...
    Less junk and overeating.

    Weigh in weekly... or daily... whatever works for you. Just copy the information below and paste it in your post.

    Welcome to the team!


    Starting weight:
    Goal weight:
    Current weight:
    Total weight lost:
    This week's successes:
    This week's challenges:

  • crazylibraluv
    crazylibraluv Posts: 117 Member
    I'll start today
    SW...170 (Summer 2016)
  • sexyleanmocha
    sexyleanmocha Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in starting today

    Starting weight: 169 lbs
    Goal weight: 135 lbs
    Current weight: 168.2 lbs
    Total weight lost: .8 lbs
    This week's successes: Making my mind over to start
    This week's challenges: limiting my sweet foods
  • TphTeh
    TphTeh Posts: 13 Member
    I'm in!
  • jm216
    jm216 Posts: 2,929 Member
    Welcome Tphteh, Subshinegurl08, Jngofo, & Txrottie81!

    Glad to have you all here! So excited to get things started!!

  • thi5gurl
    thi5gurl Posts: 2 Member
    Starting weight: 170
    Goal weight 160
    Current weight:170
    Total weight lost 0
    This week's successes: starting this plan
    This week's challenges: holiday
    This week's goals: go hard until i cry, push my self and avoid over eating
  • lafran
    lafran Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in
    Starting weight:257
    Goal weight:165
    Current weight: 250
    Total weight lost: 7
    This week's successes: Exercise 5 times this week
    This week's challenge: Not giving into the cravings
  • aknroberts
    aknroberts Posts: 102 Member
    Starting weight: 233
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight:233
    Total weight lost:
    This week's successes:
    This week's challenges:
  • zephtalah
    zephtalah Posts: 327 Member
    Starting weight:195
    Goal weight:130
    Current weight:190
    Total weight lost:5
    This week's successes: Walking more
    This week's challenges: Christmas!
  • Rukhsans
    Rukhsans Posts: 7 Member
    I'm in.

    Starting Weight: 207.6
    Goal Weight: 112
    Current Weight: 207.6
    Total Weight loss:
    This Week's Successes:
    This Week's Challenges:Working from home.
  • lakechasmith
    lakechasmith Posts: 36 Member
    I'm in will weigh in on Jan 2nd and add my goals from there because I'm pretty sure that I have gained from the holiday season.
  • lovanwink
    lovanwink Posts: 4 Member
    Starting weight:210.0
    Goal weight:150 (although for my height it should be 130, so well see)
    Current weight:174.0
    Total weight lost: 36
    This week's successes:I did HIIT started C25k because treadmill running is dreadmill running
    This week's challenges:drink more water, eat vegetarian or vegan meals for breakfast and lunch every weekday