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Tell me about the animals in your life!
We have 3 ferrets and a kitty, here!


  • KyleGrace8
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    I have none at the moment but have had almost every type of pet you could acquire from a pet store. I love cats the most. I've never had a ferret even though I used to be obsessed with them. :( Perhaps when I move somewhere more pet friendly I'll get one.
  • Eash84
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    We've got a black lab and a tuxedo cat. ❤️
  • 00000eli
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    1 cat
  • Lounmoun
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    Cat and guinea pigs currently
  • NikkiMizer
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    HyeKarma wrote: »
    I have 2 Japanese fighting gerbils. Also known as pomeranians. One piranha. Also known as our cat. One gold fish thats 9 years old. Believe it or not, from Walmart.

    Omg the pomeranian
  • UnderGroundMusic
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    I had a Jack Russ. He was a hyper one.
    I ended up having to relocate to a new place and they didn't allow pets.
    Luckily, I get to see him occasionally. Let a friend take over for me.

    Oh, I also had a Venus Fly Trap.. I'm not sure if that qualifies.. but it was cool. haha.
  • TLC227
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    None at the moment, but I plan on adopting a fur baby within the next month or so. I like medium to large breed dogs, so retrievers/labradors/rottweilers are my faves.
  • MsAmandaNJ
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    A guinea pig and three cats - the girl is in heat and peed on me an hour ago. Hoping it's over in time for her spaying on Tuesday.
  • Pixie_95
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    I've got two cats who I rescued from the cats protection centre near me. Have had them for 18 months now and safe to say they are my world. No house is complete without some feline company
  • RoxieDawn
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    2 cats (ages 2 and 5) both rescues

    3 dogs (chocolate lab 3 year old, silver lab 7 years old and lab and chow mix 11 years old). The oldest was on her way to the pound by someone that could not keep her, I took her in instead.

    There's always room for one more in my home..
  • plumbguy101
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    I have 2 Yorkies ....1 is getting surgery next week to remove a cancerous lump
  • Motorsheen
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    scorpions, rattlesnakes & javelina

    .....naming them all has been a challenge