What are some healthy desserts you enjoy?

I love angel food cake with sauted berries drizzled over. You?


  • lemurcat12
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  • awkwardbae
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    greek yoghurt with honey (you can also add nuts, peanutbutter etc.)
    frozen yoghurt
    grilled sandwich with stevia chocolate halva
    dark chocolate

    One healthy dessert I'd love to try is baked sweet potato with chocolate and cinnamon :blush:
  • Christine_72
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    Banana maple yogurt with cottage cheese. PB2 sprinkled over ice cream.

    There's a few good options in your Protein powder thread OP.
  • Ninkyou
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    Fiber One 90 calorie brownies or a serving of ice cream.
  • cwolfman13
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    Not a huge desert person...usually just have a square of dark chocolate when I do have desert
  • sardelsa
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    Anything homemade
  • LowCarbDiva2
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    Sorbet or Sherbet (Raspberry)
  • Karen_can_do_this
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    Sliced banana with about 5 grams of ovaltine powder sprinkled over the top.
  • Brin1956
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    I have no sugar added ice cream bars or a pancake with apple and spices added topped with a dollop of whipped cream. If apple pancake I sometimes add a tablespoon of sugar free applesauce to the top of it.
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
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    Mars ice cream bars!
  • paperpudding
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    Fruit salad - meaning fresh fruit cut into bite size pieces and/or strawberries and the like.
    Usually with small portion of low fat ice cream
  • Chef_Barbell
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    Anything I bake myself.
  • H_Ock12
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    Cake, cookies, fudge, ice cream.
  • Chadxx
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    Nobody has mentioned halo top?

    Coffee flavored Greek yogurt mixed with chocolate whey protein
  • Meganthedogmom
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    Halo Top ice cream, fruit & Greek yogurt (or a smoothie made of such), fiber one brownies.
  • jennybearlv
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    Homemade brownies fresh out of the oven. It's healthy if it fits in my calories.
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    Rocknut53 wrote: »
    What's an "unhealthy" dessert?

    My definition of healthy dessert is (1) a sweet treat I enjoy that (2) has some micronutrients or protein, not just fat and carbs AND (3) is lower in calories than a typical dessert.

    I don't mind eating "unhealthy" desserts here and there too, I'm not one who thinks sugar or fat is the devil, but I do think I have more than enough of them already so if I can find a dessert that helps with other things I actually lack in a low calorie package, then that's great. Then it becomes not just an extra that I make room for in my day but is actually helping to meet nutrition needs. Dark chocolate is a nice example, it is a source of iron and as a vegetarian I have to make sure I get enough. Dip some berries in that chocolate and now I have a little vitamin c to help me absorb that iron....all in a yummy package!