i am 66 and weigh 13 stone, on here my food intake is 1200 cal I would sooner have 1400 as I find 1200 hard to stick to as i get hungry, I am fairly active but feel if I change to 1400 i would not lose weight is this right thank you.


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    It really depends upon your personal stats.

    Did you put that you wanted to lose 2 pounds per week? Try changing that to 1 pound or even 0.5 pounds per week and see what that does to your suggested calorie intake.
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    Have you set MFP to lose 2lb per week? If so, you will still lose weight on 1400 kcals, just at a more sustainable rate.
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    heh snap!
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    The 1200 number is usually mentioned as a minimum, as in you should not eat less than that.

    For most people, they can (and should) eat more.

    When you enter your age, weight, activity level and goals MFP should tell you what caloric amount you should be eating. If that isnt working for you then you can proceed to the next logical steps...eating less, exercising more, or making sure that you are actually measuring your food intake properly (most people are not)

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    If mfp is showing 1200 in the calculator, change the rate of loss to .5 or 1 pound a week and you'll get a bigger calorie allowance and still lose. Also add exercise- you get a couple hundred more cals by adding just a brisk walk. Good luck!