2017~~52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • Beheads
    Beheads Posts: 1 Member
    Starting weight:234
    Goal weight:140
    Current weight: my scale is broken
    Total weight lost:
    This week's successes: Exercise 2 times a day 7 days a week only consume 1500 Calories a day
    This week's challenge: Not giving into the cravings
  • fallenangel66
    fallenangel66 Posts: 55 Member
    I'm in
    SW 242 lbs
    GW 190 lbs
    weight loss 0 (i weigh on fridays)

    I have just completed the 40lbs by Christmas day and did it. good luck everyone . friend me if anyone wants to .
  • Splangi1967
    Splangi1967 Posts: 2 Member
    Sounds like a plan to me.... am up for the challenge (said with fingers crossed) I weigh in Kg, hope this isn't a problem....
    Starting weight: 97kg
    Goal weight: 85kg
    Current weight: 97kg
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: Got the hubby on MFP and motivated
    This week's challenges: Clear out the xmas crap & create healthy food options for us both
  • lindagrimm904
    lindagrimm904 Posts: 87 Member
    I'm in!
    SW 206.2
    GW 140 or 150 Per Dr.
    CW 205.2
    TWL 1LB.
    This Week's Successes: Goal Planning
    This Week's Challenges: More Exercising
    :):D:o:#:*<3o:) The Angel Is All Of Us!
  • incisron
    incisron Posts: 550 Member
    Goal weight: 130-140 pounds (not definite)
    Starting weight: 240 pounds
    Current weight: 208.8 pounds
    Total weight lost: 31 pounds
    This week's successes: Have done my very best to try and eat at a caloric deficit; have lost 1.2 pounds.
    This week's challenges: Tightening up my food tracking so I'll be more accurate and less confused.
  • LinCharpentier
    LinCharpentier Posts: 1,129 Member
    My problem with challenges is I join but I loose where the page is at. I'll try again.
    So here goes I'm Linda and yes I'm older than most of you at 68.
    starting weight 210
    Current weight 210
    Total weight loss
    This week I will leave the donuts and buttertarts alone for company the way it was intended to be.
    ok Lets do this.
  • patti349
    patti349 Posts: 72 Member
    Well, I am in for sure. I thought I had posted yesterday--guess I didn't. I am so happy to be on this journey. I have been doing the keto plan for about 3 weeks now and I am losing weight. I am a type 2 diabetic who has her numbers in the normal range now and I am off all meds. I just want to keep it that way and lose more weight to get that in the normal range also. Glad to be on this journey with you all and know that WE CAN AND WILL DO THIS.....

    Starting Weight: 210 lbs
    Goal Weight: 150 lbs
    Current Weight: 207.8 lbs

  • leedavid974
    leedavid974 Posts: 4 Member
    Starting weight:215.4
    Goal weight: 160
    Current weight:215.4
    Total weight lost: 0
    This week's successes: planning my strategy to lose weight, setting this challenge as a goal, reconnecting with the gym, saying my plan to loved ones do they can support me
    This week's challenges: returning to work after winter break which zaps my energy, going back to the gym
  • leedavid974
    leedavid974 Posts: 4 Member
    Starting weight: 236
    Goal weight:150
    Current weight: 236
    Total weight lost: 6 lbs from last time I was dieting. I was down 20 and I gained 14 back. :(
    This week's successes: I started my January weight loss the day after Christmas. I've done well this week.
    This week's challenges: I go back to work on Tuesday and I'm worried that I won't get enough exercise in. I'm always exhausted when I get home from work. (I teach)

    I teach too and have the same energy issues after teaching all day. It's easy to get in lots of steps due to our large building but it's not aerobic at all.
  • lakechasmith
    lakechasmith Posts: 36 Member
    Weigh in day: monday
    Starting weight: 245.0
    Goal weight:180.0
    Current weight: 242.0
    Total weight lost: 3lbs
  • phoenixmed
    phoenixmed Posts: 114 Member
    Im in
    Starting weight 241.5 lbs
    Goal weight 190 by 2018 long term 162 lbs for a bmi under 30
    Current 241.5

    Ps new to mfp how does the challenges get added in the scrolling menu on the left of my app???
  • AEPHubinc2015
    AEPHubinc2015 Posts: 127 Member
    What do we have to do so that this group comes up under "My Groups"?
  • wendyron3
    wendyron3 Posts: 91 Member
    Starting weight-182
    Goal weight-140
    Current weight-182
    Lbs lost -0
    Please add me:)
  • nelligand
    nelligand Posts: 2 Member
    I'm in!
    This will be my first challenge. But, I love the idea of holding myself accountable to not only myself, but others.

    Starting weight: 213
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 210.5
    Total weight lost: 2.5lb
    This week's successes: Logging my food daily and realizing nutritional values despite keeping within calorie goal.
    This week's challenges: Exercise, Health, migraines.
  • GreenIceFloes
    GreenIceFloes Posts: 1,491 Member
    edited January 2017
    Count me in too! The plan was to maintain my weight during the holiday season, but ended up gaining a fair bit instead. :neutral:

    I have some 30 odd pounds to go. Hope to lose most of them by July!

    First weigh in: 2nd Jan, 2017

    Starting weight: 174
    Goal weight: 143
    Current weight: -
    Total weight lost: -
    This week's successes: -
    This week's challenges: -
  • LoraineGB
    LoraineGB Posts: 832 Member
    My problem with challenges is I join but I loose where the page is at. I'll try again.

    @phoenixmed @AEPHubinc2015

    There is a grey star at the very top right hand side of the page. Click and it will turn orange and this means it's bookmarked and you can find it again easily.

    Good luck!
  • Calliope610
    Calliope610 Posts: 3,769 Member
    edited January 2017
    Starting weight: 232lbs February 2013
    Goal weight: 154 (lowest weight to date 175lbs achieved summer 2014)
    Current weight: 199.6 (knee surgery in May 2015 and recovery plus current 60-70hr work weeks = less activity, less sleep and bad eating, resulting in a 20lb weight gain in 2016)
    Total weight lost: 31lbs
    This week's successes: "First Day" hike on 01/01/17 - 2.6miles of hills and ravines
    This week's challenges: getting back into the habit of logging EVERYTHING!
  • Rukhsans
    Rukhsans Posts: 7 Member
    Week 1
    Start Weight: 207.6
    Goal Weight: 112
    Current Weight: 205
    Weight loss this week: 2
    Total Weight loss: 2

    This week's success: managed to lose some weight.
    This week's Challenges: to drink 1liter of water a day. And do 1000 steps
  • bellagolden129
    bellagolden129 Posts: 6 Member
    Starting Jan 2
    starting weight 218
    Current weight 214
    Goal weight 150
    Weight loss:4 lbs
    I'm in
  • GetFit11052016
    GetFit11052016 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here. What a great idea to help with accountability. I dabbled with keto back in the fall and then the holidays hit, but I managed to keep stable during the holidays. Thanks for the support

    Starting weight: 244 lbs
    Goal weight: 140 lbs
    Current weight: 230 lbs
    This week's successes: meal prep, got back to the gym, set out to stop drinking diet soda
    This week's challenges: work is my perpetual challenge