My Spring Thing! - A 13 Week Challenge



  • TimeToChange007
    TimeToChange007 Posts: 60 Member
    Please count me in, it'll be my first challenge but I'm excited to try!
  • asilmax
    asilmax Posts: 46 Member
    I would like to join. Thank you!
  • sgmfpac
    sgmfpac Posts: 25 Member
    First time here - pleased to be joining you. Great focus for the first few months of the new year. Thank you.
  • 1horsetown
    1horsetown Posts: 247 Member
    First time. Haven't done a challenge in ages. Need to get serious about this again.
  • xmelissa17x
    xmelissa17x Posts: 33 Member
    I'd like to join!
  • HokieBrad
    HokieBrad Posts: 1,670 Member
    I'm ready for this again. Hopefully my meds are leveled out this time
  • alybran
    alybran Posts: 199 Member
    I'm joining. :) Gotta get back into this.
  • kcthatsme
    kcthatsme Posts: 5,136 Member
  • cwolfgram
    cwolfgram Posts: 105 Member
    I'm in.
  • TinaBaily
    TinaBaily Posts: 792 Member
    I just joined this challenge. I find your challenges to be very helpful to me in doing my best to keep my lost weight off, Kristen. I've sadly regained (temporarily!! I'm not going to let it stick around for long!) about 9 lbs over the holidays in a week. Is that even humanly possible? Ugh... so your challenge is just in time to help keep me on track for dropping that regained weight, and to get back on track to reach my goal. I'm looking forward to it!!!
  • mandalunia
    mandalunia Posts: 128 Member
    I would like to join! I've not really done a challenge before so I am looking forward to this.
  • luckyhands64
    luckyhands64 Posts: 33 Member
    i would also like to join,

  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,962 Member
    Hello Kristen,

    It is time for me to join one of your challenges, again! ... I have been following the ones you ran the last 6-months of 2016, but somehow I always missed the "start" window.

    Not this time! 2017 is going to be GREAT!

    Thank you....I am following your link to join.

  • MeLanceUppercut
    MeLanceUppercut Posts: 116 Member
    Sounds good. I'm in. I need more accountibillibuddies
  • bootylicioustwinmom
    I think I just joined too. :)
  • kcthatsme
    kcthatsme Posts: 5,136 Member
    Great! Let's keep it going. We have a wonderful group coming together.
  • IsMollyReallyHungry
    IsMollyReallyHungry Posts: 15,350 Member
    Yeah! :)
  • mlpcollect
    mlpcollect Posts: 24 Member
    I'll try! My second time installing this app. I did it two years ago and lost 5 lbs before I found out I had to have surgery (lost some weight in removal of female organs! Ha ha, does that count?) I had to have another surgery this year and now that I have to go ahead to resume exercise from my doc I am trying this again. I have never participated in a challenge before or posted in the community.
  • patsyacs
    patsyacs Posts: 1,322 Member
    I am in for the 5th time. Thanks Kristen.
  • hockeymama1963
    hockeymama1963 Posts: 45 Member
    Count me in. I need a little challenge to keep me on task. I am techno challenged so I may need a little help with the posting of weigh ins and such