Post here if you want more friends!



  • WickedMotivated
    WickedMotivated Posts: 48 Member
    Looking for positive and motivational buddies! :)
  • EmilyJZ
    EmilyJZ Posts: 38 Member
    I would love to have more active friends on MFP. I was very active last year and fell off the bandwagon as all my other mfp friends left. I'd love some supportive friends in it to for the long haul to be a buddy. I'm 31 and have about 150 lbs to lose. My main goal this month is to work on my diet, which has been abysmal lately. Once I get that down I want to add in exercise. I'm going small steps this year so I don't get overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • I just created this account, i would love new friends!
  • Zephalia
    Zephalia Posts: 79 Member
    Been on here a few years and looking to rejuvenate my friends list. Feel free to add me.

    I would love to get more Canadian friends as I am from Winnipeg, MB.
  • bruhaha007
    bruhaha007 Posts: 333 Member
    Hi I am always looking for new friends to both motivate and be inspired by! Add me!
  • ColoradoChlo
    ColoradoChlo Posts: 517 Member
    Always looking for friends. Could use the accountability and support :)
  • kennyswole
    kennyswole Posts: 2 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • livvy0606
    livvy0606 Posts: 17 Member
    Would love some new friends to encourage one another. I've been on this for a bit and have lost 55 pounds so far. Got another 50 to go! Xxx
  • Sam29a
    Sam29a Posts: 201 Member
    I'd love some friends on here. I've been here a year now but didn't get involved much with the community. Anyone is free to add me x
  • maryann70mfp
    maryann70mfp Posts: 21 Member
    Add me
  • girlwithanimpact
    girlwithanimpact Posts: 42 Member
    Please add me!
  • Lucy17128
    Lucy17128 Posts: 55 Member
    Please add me . I don't have support at home
  • Add me!! Looking for all of the motivation I can get.
  • Charlie_B_
    Charlie_B_ Posts: 6 Member
    Feel free to add me! I've been on here before and lost 20lbs but let things slip and put it all back on. It's been about a year since then - looking forward to making longer-term changes this time :)
  • Jax_Grim
    Jax_Grim Posts: 381 Member
    Looking for some adds. thanks.
  • micki92
    micki92 Posts: 9 Member
    Pretty new to the community. Motivated friends are always good!
  • tiajobah
    tiajobah Posts: 3 Member
    Feel free to add! I've been on mfp for a while on and off and just found this! I knew we could have a community of support but ha I didn't know how to get on it!
  • Nafiz4820
    Nafiz4820 Posts: 2 Member
    Hit me up and add me
  • lovexlexi
    lovexlexi Posts: 47 Member
    Could always use more active friends! Let's be each other's support systems!
  • craigrobertjordan
    craigrobertjordan Posts: 3 Member
    edited January 2017
    Looking to add some friends to make me more accountable. 31 male New Zealand