Has anyone on MFP lost 50lbs?

I want to hear your stories! Has anyone successfully lost 50lbs and kept it off? How long did it take you and what did you do to lose it? I want to get motivated so I can lose my 50lbs by July. Vacation has been officially booked for the summer! I'm stressing


  • JPat86
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    I've lost 130 pounds with MFP. Don't give up!! It's worth it :) I've kept it off for 3 years :)

    You are truly amazing. I look up to you as true motovation and determination. I am so proud to hear your dedication, hard work and commitment. Thank you for sharing that with me. It really opened up my eyes....
  • TheBetterBecky
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    I think you have to think of it as a lifestyle. It is a must. So, eat healthy, exercise, but if you want a cookie then eat one but only one and move on. The more you deprive yourself and only eat carrots and water the worse you'll feel and then you'll gain it back. Get support also! One friend that can support you will make a huge difference. :)
  • JPat86
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    Wow.... I read all of your inspirational stories... that is truly incredible. You all inspire me and I am so happy to read those. That's amazing. You all rock. Reading your post really has me motivated and is keeping me on my feet and dedicated to my goal
  • sschrock
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    Just recently hit my 50 lb mark! Hope to keep it off forever!
  • JeromeBarry1
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    @Jpat86 Drop the deadline, please. 6 months to lose 50 lb is 2 lb per week, which is a 1000 calorie daily deficit, which is too intense. Your risk of binging is high, your risk of excess muscle loss is 100%, your risk of experiencing metabolic damage is 100%. Use the tools of myfitnesspal to get into a calorie deficit of no more than 500 per day, every day. You'll feel much better, be more content, and know that when your 50th lb is finally gone next December that you've mastered the skills to maintain your perfect weight.

    @leaninsc I love it!
  • melto1989
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    I'm trying to lose about that maybe a little less. Nice to see other successes
  • girlgroves
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    I lost 56lbs and have been maintaining that for around 7 months. Like AnnPT77 says - read some of the posts in the 'success stories' section - they're super-motivating and you'll get loads of tips. Two things I would say though:

    - find what works for you and stick to it. By all means collect tips and ideas from everyone's experiences but realise that not everyone is into clean eating/weight lifting/giving up chocolate, carbs and Diet Coke - and to be honest you don't need to be! The best changes you can make will be the ones that you can keep up.... forever. Because they will be the ones that will make sure you can keep the weight off after you've lost it. Whatever you do it needs to be sustainable and fit your lifestyle.

    - as JeromeBarry1 says - forget giving yourself a deadline. It took me around 16 months to lose 56lbs, which I recognise was slow, but it was consistent and steady and at the end I didn't feel like I'd deprived myself of anything. To my mind there's nothing less motivating than feeling like you're not making progress fast enough, or more stressing than trying to stick to something that you find too hard. Start with achievable mini-goals (say, 7lb increments) rather than unrealistic time-related deadlines. Consistency is the key and you'll get there if you stick to it.

    50lbs is totally do-able! Good luck :)
  • Morgaen73
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    I've lost roughly 130lbs (in 2.5 years) and maintained for about a year. I would pick up a bit here and there armoung holidays and special occasions but then work it off again. Decided to lose another 30lbs though.

    Stick with it and dont guestimate. Buy yourself a food scale and scan the packages with the app. It's not 100% accurate but it's better than guestimating.

  • Ceeceeann
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    I'm down 30 pounds in 35 days but I'm still on the journey so I can't speak for keeping it off long term.
  • tinamarie6624
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    I've lost 162 Lbs in just over a year. I still have just over a hundred to lose. It can be done. You can do this!
  • Rincewind_1965
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    Lost about 100 lbs in 9 1/2 months (The-Best-Of-All-Possible-Wives calls it a "Reverse Pregnancy").
    Just finished in October and kept goalweight over the first holidays ... I'll let you know if any new developments come in.
  • FeraFilia
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    I guess I can't be considered a success as of yet... But I did use MFP to lose weight so I could get pregnant a little easier (I have PCOS), lost about 40 and then SURPRISE A BABY! (So I guess in that sense, it worked!) Pregnancy, and breastfeeding for a year kept me from using the app to lose more, but now that he's weaned I'm back, and am thisclose to hitting that 50 pounds down marker again.

    If I can do it *twice* anyone can do it once. ;) You got this!

    P.S. Don't consider it a failure if you aim for 50 by your vacation and don't make it! Work hard, and be proud of what you accomplish by the time you go on your vacation. Have fun knowing you did good things for yourself even if you didn't hit a goal on the calendar!
  • TMcSter
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    I just started January 1st - hoping not to be a cliche but reading your responses here is inspiring.
  • DEBOO7
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    Have lost 83lbs since May 2014 with a further 7lbs to reach my goal weight.
    How? I follow a ketogenic way of eating. Low carb, moderate protein and high fat.
    Moderate exercise.... attempt to get in 10k steps a day and swim twice a week.
    I'm too much of a sloth to go to the gym!
    Stats: 55yo, 5' 2", current weight 127lbs
    To be successful... stop thinking diet, start thinking way of life.
    What you're doing is breaking a life time of habits and that doesn't occur in 5 minutes!
    If you want to sustain it, it has to be ingrained as a habit, as what you do and how you live your life.
    Success is more about what goes on in your brain than anything else.