What to eat middle of night

Woke up stomache growling do I eat and what or wait till up in 5 hours?


  • LazyNightOwl
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    I usually grab a glass of water on those occasions and it quiets right up until I'm done sleeping for the night
  • ericalillykristene
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    Drinking lemon water all night when been waking I'll chug a glass though thanks
  • Tubbs216
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    I'm up too. Cup of warm milk for me. :)
  • ShaleSelkies
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    I usually eat some cereal if water doesn't work.
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,473 Member
    I can never sleep, I get up and head out the door.i love cardio in the dark outside when it is minus 20.
  • LazyNightOwl
    LazyNightOwl Posts: 166 Member
    I can never sleep, I get up and head out the door.i love cardio in the dark outside when it is minus 20.

  • ericalillykristene
    ericalillykristene Posts: 26 Member
    Ugh I'm obsessed with sleep once I'm sleeping. Dieting doesn't make it easy. I WISH I loved cardio when it's dark and cold. Send me those vibes.
  • Nikion901
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    I wake up often during the night, and usually fall back asleep without a problem, except for being thirsty and needing a small drink of water ... but if my stomach is growling and uncomfortably achy because of hungry, I will eat something small in volume to hold me over ... a glass of milk, warmed up; a 4 ounce apple; a slice of cheese; a tablespoon of nuts; ... if I'm very hungry I might even go for a slice of bread made into a sandwich of some sort. .... PS ... the point being to keep the calories in the snack level of under 150 or so.
  • summertime2619
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    Try some hot herbal tea or Tyra Banks said (years ago on her show) to keep some plain turkey from the deli on hand. Nothing yummy like smoked or honey but just absolutely plain. Then, if you are waking up hungry, you'll eat that and know it's not just a craving. If you don't really want it, then just wait for the craving to pass. The plain turkey has no sugar or anything that will hinder your healthy lifestyle that you're trying to achieve. But I imagine if you really hate turkey you could pick another sugarless, low fat food with protein that could keep you till morning. A small salad without dressing maybe?
  • echo331
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    I usually drink a large glass of water or brew a cup of herbal tea. If the hunger doesn't pass, I'll eat something small like an apple or a handful of pretzel sticks.
  • 257_Lag
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    I try and leave 100-150 left for the middle of the night since I'm a horrible sleeper. If I don't eat it, bonus! (but I usually do)
  • kelli980
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    Try some veggies. Carrot's ,penut butter on a banana ect
  • Erfw7471
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    I'm hypoglycemic so different situation than just waking up hungry, but if I need something in the middle of the night I usually have a slice of whole wheat bread with almond butter, an apple with almond butter, a protein bar, or some carrots with a cheese stick.
  • lulalacroix
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    Usually cereal.
  • Arizona_C
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    Hot milky tea.

    If I cannot go back to sleep, I have youghurt, its gives confortable feeling of being full and is easy to digest when sleeping.
  • MelissaPhippsFeagins
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    A slice of cheese or warm milk. Though this doesn't happen to me often.
  • brewerfan13
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    Woke up stomache growling do I eat and what or wait till up in 5 hours?

    Prescription cough syrup (with codene) before bed and you will sleep right through.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I won't get up, don't know why. My stomach can be grumbling and be getting a headache, but don't want to get up to eat anything. A tums usually helps, or I just go back to sleep. I usually feel fine once I get up at normal time so not sure what is going on
  • deannalfisher
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    I started planning a bowl of cereal right before bed (literally, I sit in bed and eat it while reading) and that has helped not only those mid-night stomach pains from not eating enough, but also improved my quality of sleep
  • paulline1
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    When not if I wake during the night I usually go downstairs and make myself a cup of tea but i have heard eating a banana before you go to bed helps you sleep through the night.