At a complete loss & feel I've no clue

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I'm at a complete loss and feel things are overwhelming do not know how to form a plan of action to stick to.
I'm 111lb, 5ft, 32 inch chest 26 inch waste and 40 inch hips.
I use to be 103lb pre baby and unsure of measurements. After baby I spent allot of time in the gym doing HIIT and some basic weights I lost most of the baby weight and was looking abit firmer again.
However I started to gain weight and crept back up. The weight on the scale isn't that major an issue it's the fat around my body I have gained. I have increased 2 jean sizes and have no muscle around my bottom half. The skin is so loose and I'm covered with cellulite.
I tried to start doing a calorie deficit last year and cut to 1200-1000 but I struggled to stick to this. I was also continuing to go to the gym 3 x a week doing HIIT but still saw very little to no difference.
I really feel at a loss what to do how to effectively loose the inches from my body and create a more tight musclular frame.
I haven't worked out for 2 months mainly due to a fairly bad chest infection and I feel the muscle tone is even worse now.
I've no clue what I should focus on, cutting calories, muscle building, HIIT???
So confused.


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    To lose weight you need a calorie deficit. To add muscle you need a calorie surplus. You need a recomp. Eat at or close to maintenance and focus on heavy lifting.
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    You really don't have a lot of weight you need to lose at your height unless you have a very tiny frame.

    I would suggest you take up weight lifting. Read this thread:
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    Look into a progressive lifting program.
  • laurajc1982
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    Ok thanks I'll look into the recomp. Really don't think I could continue to cut calories to 1000.
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    Ok thanks I'll look into the recomp. Really don't think I could continue to cut calories to 1000.

    I don't blame you. That's crazy low. Go up to maintenance and lift. :)
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    You may also want to play with what kinds of calories you are eating...I find that eating a lot of fat keeps me satisfied and doesn't trigger cravings...some people find protein or carbs to be more satisfying, you may want to try increasing one over another and see if it helps how you feel over the course of the day.
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    Carbs definitely keep me more satisfied however I thought I should keep them low to loose fat.
    Is there a decent recommended programme for weight lifting if ideally like to keep it to 3 days a week I work out on my lunch break as childcare is a total issue for me being a full time working parent.
    I try to wake up early and do some HIIT in the morning as it just makes me feel better for the day.