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  • rybo
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    42 male, Personal trainer. My philosophy on both exercise and eating is keeping it simple. I can be helpful to suggesting at home workouts with little to no equipment. Also feel that I'm good at sorting through the often time conflicting advice out there.
    I have a history of running, sprinter turned marathoner, turned retired marathoner. Current interests are strength training, endurance hiking, & functional training. I've never lost a great deal of weight but have lost 15-20 lbs when needed. I have been maintaining my current weight range for almost 7 years.
  • Alex
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    @ChrissyC1985 @tjradd73 @rybo Thank you for volunteering to adopt a noob. We have added your name to the OP. :smiley:
    So first of all, just by reading these posts alone this community seems awesome. When I downloaded this app my expectations were low until I start looking at the community. Yes I am a noon and looking for a mentor. I am willing to take advice to the detail. I am 28 years old and about 6'2, 276lbs. I want to change my life for the better. Please adopt me lol

    @ebarber0012 Welcome to the community!

    Reminder to all noobs, please be sure to reach out to a mentor that you are interested in "adopting" you. The list of mentors who have offered to help is in the original post on page 1 and you can find their intro posts in this discussion.
  • bisky4
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    Hi, I joined 2 weeks ago and would like to be "adopted".

    I'm female, live in Queensland Australia. I am approx 157cm in height, weigh 67.6kg. I am joining MFP in order to tone up and drop some cm's off my body (waist, thighs). I'm wanting to ensure daily exercise is performed and not make any excuses.

    I am reasonably fit, play golf weekly and have a home gym set up in my shed. My gym consists of a weight bench, with basic hand weights and a bar. I also have a stationary bike and an elliptical trainer. I also have resistance bands which I try an dabble in.

    Over the past 2 years I haven't done a lot of exercise as my house is 1.5 acres and I have been doing a lot of garden projects etc on my days off work (it never ends). I would drink a few beers after the weekly mowing and gardening etc which became the norm on at least 3 days a week. I cant continue on with doing that.

    I work shift work which can be annoying at times. It's now around 40 degrees Celsius on average so working out in the shed on an afternoon can be extremely hot. I try to do a workout around 5.30am in the mornings on most days.

    I don't have any "friends" on MFP (as I'm still working the site out). My calories calculated on MFP is 1200. I'm not finding it a problem to stick to as long as I do some "cardio" as it then adjusts my total and I can eat some more.

    I'm prepared to take my time and do this right and not starve myself to loose fat. Its been just over 2 weeks since I started and my weight has gone upward of 0.3kg. I have noticed a slight change in my clothing and in my body so I'm not too worried about the scales.

    Would be great to have a mentor to check in with (may be once a week) in case I might need any help on exercise variations/diet. Or just to check out my mentor and see what they are up to with their program.

    Cheers, Paula.

  • annxp93
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    I'm up for adoption!

    23yr old from Texas. I would love a mentor that can help me figure out how to fit more exercise into my schedule. I am a chronic insomniac, so doing anything outside of necessary tasks is a real chore for me. I am working on eating healthy and making better choices for my body and mind, but exercise is not my forte. I have started the journey to losing 80lbs with cutting back caloric intake and eating more mindfully, but outside of that I'm clueless!

    I offer a terrible sense of humor and self deprecation, and I'd love to work with someone!
  • DarrelBirkett
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    Looking to be adopted :)
    In a nutshell, I'm a 37 y/o father of 3. Been training on & off for about 13 years but suffer with rubbish diet + lack of motivation at times & haven't been under 20%b/f in about 10 years. Currently sitting at about 26% at about 76 kg's as per dexa scan.
    I train 5 days per week on my lunch hour (have 40 mins to train). Usually all free weight & typically 1 body part per day. Monday - Chest. Tuesday - back, Wednesday - Shoulders, Thursday arms (Bi's & Tri's) and Fri is legs. I play indoor football on Wednesday evenings and do nothing at the weekend.
    Looking for someone to assist with meal planning/macro counting. Desire is to get to half that body fat percentage over 6 months & maintain as much muscle mass as possible.

    Dropped you a mail, should be able to help.
  • DarrelBirkett
    DarrelBirkett Posts: 221 Member
    Omg yes! Can someone adopt me? I need to learn the ropes of this thing lol
    I'm 23 from Katy Texas! I'm 5'0 and weigh 134lbs. I really wanna loose 14lbs- I'm trying my best this year to just be healthy though and have fun doing it!

    Also mailed to see if you still need input.
  • karina0679
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    Hi everyone,
    I would love to be adopted , I need so much support...I weigh 240lbs and am 37 years old. Staying on track and sticking with eating healthy is my biggest challenge. I snack a lot and I think that is my major problem. I also have a very sedentary desk job, which does not help at all. Please Help !
  • NikkiJay2017
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    Hi, I would like to be adopted!

    I am 38yo from Perth in Western Australia (I'm the redhead on the right). My goal is to be fit and fabulous by 40; weight loss goal is 25kgs over the next two years, I want to achieve this not by dieting but by changing habits and becoming the me I want to be. Also setting a great example for my daughter who is 11yo and I can see her picking up my bad habits!

    I have started a journal, I have an accountability and walking partner at work, have the full support of my family and I now have a walking partner home as we adopted a furbaby late last year who loves to go for walks at 5.30am.

    I have a lot of fitness gear at home I and I really need help in setting up a plan for what to do with it and guidance with meal planning.
  • Steph_the_Panda
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    I'm a bigger female noob...currently 333.40.. I realized I have to do something about my weight when I was too heavy for my digital scale to read....I weighed myself two weeks ago on my friends scale and was 340. My digital scale now reads 333.40...so first goal done..just looking for a text buddy to chat and keep me on the right track..
  • Squidgeypaws007
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    Giant thanks for adopting noobs! @Squidgeypaws007 is at noob capacity.

    Hi all, if I'm not too late I'd be happy to mentor someone :) (or maybe a couple of someones).

    The important bits about me:

    I'm 30, female and from England (currently living in Italy). I am into weight lifting (heavy weights) and pole fitness (currently working towards my instructor cert). I follow IIFYM and am currently experimenting with high protein.

    I'm a massive geek too, so there's that ;)

  • Kaytee86
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    Hey everyone. I would love to have a mentor.

    I just turned 30. I am looking to loose at least 50 lbs. I am somewhere around 260 right now but not really sure. Haven't weighed myself in almost six months.

    I am looking to focus on making solid changes towards a healthy lifestyle. I am from New Brunswick, Canada. I am getting married this coming July.

    I am fairly geeky, love board games and fantasy themes. Also very crafty, love knitting, spinning and home made things.

    Unfortunately a lot of my hobbies are fairly stationary. However during the summer, I love hiking and going on long walks.

    In a mentor, I am looking for someone to chat with for support and motivation. I am not necessarily looking for someone with high expertise. Just someone to bond with and share in the journey.
  • 2048Bit
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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Bill and I'm a 33 year old father of three (soon four). I am happily married for 12 years, and am looking to lose more weight. I started out last year at 320 pounds. By November of 2016 I was 223 pounds, at my lowest. I'm regrettably now back up to 243. I am looking to drop 43 pounds of the next several months and am looking for motivation, and someone who is nutrition savvy. I have zero problem eating low calorie, and low carbs, but need some guidance ever now and then. I'd also like to get some ideas on getting the most "bang for my buck" for exercise.

    If anyone is looking to adopt a house broken middle aged man I'd be much obliged.

  • ShedinIt
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    I would also love to have a mentor. Accountability and discipline is what i need. I'm a 38 year old woman. I would like to drop 40-45 lbs.
  • DietPrada
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    I'm 42yo, female, 88kg. I started at 124kg and I was pre-diabetic.

    I have eaten Keto (very low carb) for 4 years. I've done all the reading, and learned a lot from trial and error. I don't test my blood or get overly scientific about it but I know what works and what doesn't. I am happy to mentor any low carbers or keto people or anyone who wants to get started.

    Please PM me or send me a friend request.
  • diddly_squat
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    Hi! My names Gemma and I am currently just over 10st and 5'4" but I have a fairly large fat to muscle ratio despite being quite active and I would love to shed some pounds and just feel lighter both literally and figuratively- I am happy to be adopted by anybody that will take me as I really don't know the best way (or any way) to 'diet' efficiently, Thanks!! :)
  • blondeandhazel48
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    This is the very reason I joined MFP, to find motivation and support on a more individual basis. If you're looking for a challenge, pick me, pick me!!!

    I'm 47 F with Type 2 diabetes (controlled) and a few other chronic diseases. I'm also currently sedentary. I'd love to be connected with someone who is familiar with the daily struggles of diabetes such as eating properly to maintain good blood sugar numbers and the challenges of exercise and the affects on blood sugar.

    Looking for someone who can kick start my motivation and then hang with me as I get rollin'!!!
  • zcb94
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    This is the very reason I joined MFP, to find motivation and support on a more individual basis. If you're looking for a challenge, pick me, pick me!!!

    I'm 47 F with Type 2 diabetes (controlled) and a few other chronic diseases. I'm also currently sedentary. I'd love to be connected with someone who is familiar with the daily struggles of diabetes such as eating properly to maintain good blood sugar numbers and the challenges of exercise and the affects on blood sugar.

    Looking for someone who can kick start my motivation and then hang with me as I get rollin'!!!
    Welcome! I understand completely the challenges of diabetes. Please take a look at my mentor-bio and let me know if I could help.
  • Nashvillenarion
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    Hey everyone. Would love to be adopted.

    A bit about me:
    • 27, M, 5'8", started at 256 2 weeks ago, now down to 245. Goal is to get down to 175, while bench pressing at least my body weight and running a 7 minute mile.
    • Love data and tracking, and just discovered MFP. Looking forward to counting/tracking/analyzing/regressing inputs and results
    • I've been obese most of my life - was a 300 pound teenager. I've had success in the past with weight-loss, generally doing low-carb diets. At my lowest I got to ~180, but I've gained a large portion of it back.
    • I feel pretty confident that I *can* lose weight (I know it's not easy, but when I dedicate myself earnestly to achieving a goal, I'm pretty good about achieving that goal, especially if there's a clear milestone/target in place). However, I'm worried about/less confident that I can maintain that weight loss
    • I'm re-dedicating myself because I know that when I'm healthy, eating well, exercising, etc. I'm much happier. My mood is improved. I'm more likely to go on adventures, make new friends, and enjoy life. I want that to be my "normal"

    What I'm looking for:
    • A male relatively close in age and/or overall goals
    • Someone who has been in maintenance for at least a year, and can especially speak to mindset and "training" yourself psychologically for maintenance
    • Someone who is cool with low-carb diets (at least for weight loss)
    • Someone who knows this is serious business, but doesn't take everything in life too seriously (jokester, laid-back, etc.)
    • Someone who gets/appreciates random movie/TV/song references

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • HG3185
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    31 year old female in Chicago. Would be truly grateful to have a true mentor.
    Starting weight 235.
    Current weight 230
    Start date 01/10/2017

    I am watching what I eat and exercising daily at this point along with using his app religiously. I am determined to hit my initial goal weight of 195 by the end of April and then work out my next goal of getting down to 165 without a set date in mind.

    I feel that a mentor could truly benefit me by being a great motivational tool and someone who could provide the right advice ensuring I do not fall off course which is easy to do when you get to a struggling point. Without the proper guidance things can reverse quite quickly and I am not going to allow that to happen.

    Thank you for reading and hopefully you will want to aid in my success. Who is coming with me on the journey?

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