Over 100+ lbs to lose!

Anyone else here with over 100 lbs to lose? Feel free to add me! My name is Hayden and I'm in the same boat you are. Feel free to add me if you'd like to swap healthy recipes and workout tips!6zfryo9gwg1r.jpg


  • sugaraddict4321
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    Welcome to MFP. :)
  • toesnail
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    Welcome - Only 14lbs for me, but I find dieting bloody hard - If you have any tips, i'll be most greatful !
  • Justjayde1984
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    I wanna lose about 4 stone so still quite a lot to shift. Have already lost a stone so getting there. The more moral support you have the better. Add me if u like X
  • abcmommyx3
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    I have lost 62 pounds, but I still have like 80 to go added you
  • TheDJTC
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    Well I'm 272lbs and the lightest I've ever been as adolescent was 245lbs.

    So honestly I'd be fine with being 250 again, but wouldn't be against shooting for 200 or less.

    Right now I'm at the "Just don't give up exercising" stage. XD
  • pjohnson0787
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    I have 134 lbs to lose just to get to 200. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • Blessed_2
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    Yes got 100+ pounds to lose. Add me!
  • Haydsmayd
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    So excited to see all the responses! I welcome any new friends regardless of the amount you have to lose :) so glad there's such an awesome community here!
  • Haydsmayd
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    That's also what I try to do, eat healthy regularly but if I want a small bite of something I don't deny myself. It helps with the temptation and doesn't make me want to eat bad later!
  • kaitertot1
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    230 here, down to 225 now buT eventual goal is 150. My main issue? Portion control. I struggled with eating issues when younger, I also wasn't allowed to eat junk so now that I'm an adult and can shop for myself, I've made the wrong choices and binge.
  • reducingrenee622
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    I'm in the same boat! Looking to lose 120-150. I'm looking for motivators for myself, and people I could motivate any way I can. I sent you a friend invite.
  • Haydsmayd
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    I added you back! Excited to keep each other motivated ☺️
  • AnsleyAdams97
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    Hey girl! You got this! I'm sending you a request, I hope we can be friends and encourage each other. If anyone else would a friend who is very supportive and committed, please hit me up!
  • LinzNicholeV
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    Hey! Welcome and good luck! I also have over 100 lbs to lose, I've lost 17lbs so far and hoping to get down to 160. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • timjmartin23
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    I'm on a long journey, I am going to lose another 100 lbs this year, already lost 24lbs since I started with a PT in mid November & using Apple Watch

    If I can share what I've found, denying yourself food or foods doesn't work - eat clean, unprocessed food for your main diet & moderation on the rest - stay in your MFP target & log everything - even if it puts you over!

    Exercise is everything & don't shy from the weights as well as cardio - it accelerates your base metabolism rate & really helps.

    Try not to "lose 100 lbs ... rather, lose 1lb but 100 times" ... don't know why but that makes me feel better

    Add if you wish... I don't ramble on quite as much but do log every day!

  • aurora184
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    I would love to add you. 100+lbs membership for my whole grown up life. Usually stress related eating and I haven't found a magic solution yet