Need more friends! 90-100lbs to lose. Female

Hey! I'm Janica and I'm 22.

I'm looking to lose about 90-100lbs. I've lost 16lbs so far.

I've added some friends but some have disappeared from being inactive. I wouldn't mind having more friends than I do now on mfp.

Feel free to add me!


  • jrowden0711
    jrowden0711 Posts: 137 Member
    You can add me. I started out with about 100 lbs to lose, have lost about 40-45 but still working at my original 100 lb goal.
  • dizzysarah
    dizzysarah Posts: 34 Member
    Just added you. I have the same to lose :)
  • daoriginalg
    daoriginalg Posts: 1 Member
    Let's do this
  • deanswife01
    deanswife01 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi Janica, Same here!! Hopefully it will work this time!!! Add me!!!
  • MinnJenn
    MinnJenn Posts: 9 Member
    You can add me! I started mid January with 90 to lose and have lost 10 so far. Let's support each other on this journey!
  • Kelley0519
    Kelley0519 Posts: 254 Member
    I have 80 lbs to lose! Feel free to add me :smiley:
  • I am new here so forgive do you add someone?
  • EDTake2
    EDTake2 Posts: 105 Member
    You can add me too!!! I have around 45lb to lose and just started MFP a week ago. We got this!!! : )
  • success313
    success313 Posts: 100 Member
    We're all in this together. You can feel free to add me as well.
  • TapiaCruz
    TapiaCruz Posts: 20 Member
    Anyone feel free so add me
  • boothekm1
    boothekm1 Posts: 60 Member
    Anyone can add me! I have an open diary and 67 pounds to lose!!
  • Mallyycatt
    Mallyycatt Posts: 118 Member
    I'm active on here every day! :) Anyone feel free to add me! :)

    My goal is to lose 120, but I have it set at smaller increments so I don't become overwhelmed! :)
  • marijaa1996
    marijaa1996 Posts: 17 Member
    hey huys :)
    I come from Croatia. I was 58 pounds, and now I came to 75 pounds. Simply, I screwed up fast food. In high school I was also 75 pounds and after I lost weight up to 58. Now I'm back again. And it's very difficult to remove. My motivation is 0 points. But I began to run 6 km per day and it is very difficult.

    My recommendation to you:
    Run a 3 km. then 1 km are doing sprint after 100 meters. every 200 meters rest as you need to regain your strength. Sprint you should be around 25-30 seconds. After 1 kilometer sprint Run a another 2 kilometers. and so every morning before breakfast. but it is important that before breakfast. evening let your last meal is around 6-7 hours. at 10 you have to do one aerobic training. The results are up to 6 kg per month. Trust is profitable, but you have to be very, very motivated. A little bit of me, I hope you will help. I'm with you.
  • KittyInBoots
    KittyInBoots Posts: 226 Member
    I started out at 102 to lose, currently have lost 75ish. Still going, but always looking for great new friends for motivation and encouragement! I will send you an add.
  • fitchick37
    fitchick37 Posts: 120 Member
    Please add me too, 100 to lose at the beginning, 13 gone
  • schaefers315
    schaefers315 Posts: 3 Member
    I have alot to loose and would love to have people to motivate and support and people in my corner! I lost 100 lbs myself and started mfp a week ago and am down 9.8lbs since starting. I don't know how to add people but feel free to add me :)