When I was thin I thought I was fat. Then I ballooned up to 280 from 135. Need a Friend?

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Like life goes in Los Angeles, no matter how thin you are, you are fat. I feel into a depression and was hospitalized and gained so much weight from that. Then without proper medical insurance I was working out and got tendentious in both my feet and no doctor would help me till 3 years ago. I have lost now 80lbs but seem to not be able to get under that hump. I lost that 80 lbs over 3 years.

I was a fat kid in school and so no matter how thin I was, I felt fat. I worked out all the time and never felt thin enough.
Going to parties in LA it always made you feel fat. Now I just want to feel good. And Judge myself without the TV stigma. Now just trying to pretend I pushed all my friends away because of my extreme weight gain.
But I could use fitness pals....
LETS WORK IT! Let's just feel good about ourselves.


  • lorielon9
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    Love your goal; feel free to add me!
  • kisaolson
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    You can do this!! Amazing job so far!!! Feel free to add me!! I could use some motivation myself!!!
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    I was thin in high school - about 115lbs as I got out. When in my 20's, I rose to a whopping 130-135. Was always thin and fast.

    When I hit about the mid 30's, my metabolism seemed to quit on me and I began climbing. I never understood what being overweight was, but I soon found out. My weight began to climb.

    A short while back I hit my heaviest weight yet - about 319lbs. I hated my weight and how I looked. I made a determinate and conscientious decision to get my mind straight and begin battling back. I am currently down to 287 and still dropping. Every day is a battle for me and I have had to give up so much to get where I am. It seems like eating very little extra pushes me in the wrong direction. It is truly a struggle.

    I owe so much to my MFP friends on here. Their support and encouragement are so much help and have had a direct impact on my weight loss. I am currently at my longest streak ever since joining mfp - 73days. I can do this - I will do this. So as you can see, many of us do truly understand.

    Feel free to send me a friend request - I am always willing to help out where I can.

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    Hi my name is Daniele. I live in Oregon. I was always on the heavier side of thin as my family would always say when I was in school. I was active in sports and always dieting lol. It wasn't until the birth of my 2nd baby that my weight escalated and stubbornly wouldn't come off. My family kept telling me I looked fine and to relax it was just because I was a new mom and it would eventually work it's way back down. Well my baby is now 21. 4-5 years ago I lost 70lbs on a very unhealthy diet. I have gained 25 lbs back. My goal now is to lose 75lbs. However, I'm ready to do it the right way. Through good nutrition and exercise. Anyone here is more than welcome to add me a a friend and we can guide and encourage each other along this journey.
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    Oh man do I know how you feel. I look back now at my photos from years ago when I thought I was fat and I only WISH I looked like that now. You're making an effort here by reaching out for help and that's a huge step. Feel free to add me - happy to help you in your journey! :)