I've started and fell off the wagon so many times...

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I've started and fell off the wagon so many times over the past 5 years and now have gained 20 lbs more. Granted I've had another child in those 5 years now. How in the world do I keep going?! I want to start again but so scared to fail again.


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    Coming here is the first step. That's what i keep telling myself
    so yeah us
  • leann74016
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    same here hun but welcome back. Let's celebrate the fact that you are here now and ready to change!!! High Five!! you are already winning.

    Thank you! Let's do this and succeed this time! ❤
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    I've started and fell off the wagon is me so many time! I'm committed now and I'd love to be a part of everyone's successful.
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    I was much the same, myself. I've finally realized that the key is to consistently keep right on going, sometimes completely ignoring the fall, other times trying to figure out why I fell down in the first place. It's a natural process, the learning.
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    Find out what's wrong with the old wagon, and find a better wagon. I think MFP (eating whatever I want in moderation) is the best wagon.

    This was going to be my comment: figure out what's not working with the old wagon. I cut back, substantially, on heavily refined carbs, which cut back on the hangry feeling for me.

    Figure out what works for you. Are you trying to do too much? Are you trying an approach that doesn't work?
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    Me too but here goes nothing
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    Ive been back on the wagon again and today is my 25th day of logging. I had a bad day of eating yesterday but today is a new day. Set up mini goals instead of large goals
    Then it won't seem so over whelming
    You can add me.
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    Each day is a new day. If you think about the time it takes to finish the race, you will become discouraged. Think only one day at a time and create a new habit. Don't let weight loss be the goal to start. Unschool yourself first. Find what you enjoy and what motivates you. Collect healthy low calorie recipes and food lists. Make a simple schedule you can mostly stick to and add in times you can replace with exercise should something come up. On days you just can't work out, have a list of acceptable meals you can mix match that will make you feel guiltless for missing it. First set up YOU..
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    I loved reading this post. I have failed at so many diets. :/ I know I have to take this one day at a time. I'm on lean cuisine now..
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    This is my story too- in the last 2 years I have gained 20lbs. I'm eating crap and don't want to keep falling off the bandwagon. I've logged back in today- having eaten Mcdonalds for Breakfast and Pizza Hut for lunch followed by a shameful amount of chocolate. My cravings are controlling my life.
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    Totally understand. But as said above you only fail if you give up.

    This is what worked for me finally...

    I stopped "dieting" - I eat the foods I love within my calorie goal (and with overall nutrition in mind).
    I'm losing the weight for ME, not an event, vacation, person
    I don't restrict anything.
    When I go over my calorie goal I try to eat no more than maintenance and I get right back on track.
    I started walking just 15 min at a time 3x a week. Then gradually increased it until I could walk 2-3 miles.

    Most importantly,
    I'm taking this year 1/2 that it takes to get to goal weight to learn HOW to eat so I maintain my weight loss.

    Not sure if this helps but hopefully something will:)!

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    akerra27 wrote: »
    You only fail when you stop trying.

    That part.
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    sounds like me too....i feel like an accordian....up and down so many times it is crazy...and it gets harder each time to get back on track...i know that i should make healthy eating a lifestyle but i do love to cook and to eat and trying new restaurants...i have found that being accountable to someone other than myself helps...
    i am ready to join in on the wt loss journey for 2017....could use some of you to help...
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    I don't know if this will help, but if it does, great.

    Think about the times when you tried before and it didn't stick. which part was the tricky part?

    Did you not track everything you ate? If so, don't let yourself be lax on that. Put everything down.

    Did you not track accurately? If so, try to be more precise with what you're entering. For me, I ended up making a lot more food myself instead of buying prepared meals at restaurants. I did it because it's easier to know the nutrition info, but the side effects are that I'm spending less money, and I am choosing to put healthier things in my meals. So, bonus!

    Are you hitting your calorie limit but still hungry? Take a look at the things you're eating. I found that when I had sweets or a couple beers, there weren't enough calories left at dinner for me to feel content for the night. So when I snack, I try to pick things that aren't as calorie dense, so I can still have more filling meals.

    TL;DR Regardless of the specific reason, my point is that if you can isolate the reason you fell off the wagon previously, then this time you can focus on that part of the process.

    Good luck!
  • Stopin_da_yoyo
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    I don't know.....i lost lots of weight about 2 years ago and now have gained most back....YOYO! Its frustrating....it really is....and not to mention embarassing. Sometimes I can't stand to even look at myself in the mirror because of my own shame for allowing this to slip by. I've told myself earlier that by coming back on here and starting my account back up...that I have accepted this and its no ones fault but my own. I own it. Looking back, I did a HIGH protein very low carb mix but once I hit my goal I was ...oh well, I can eat anything regular I want now. My guess is that this is where my mistake was....all the changes I made to my life were chucked out and back to the old bad habits.

    Just so I don't set myself up for a faceplant this time I've set my goals as low as possible at first so that I can gauge realistically where I'm at. I'll reassess in 2 weeks to see how I'm doing and adjust them accordingly.

    I don't eat a lot of sweet stuff. I guess its just poor eating/lazy eating. I'll be honest though, with the NFL playoff games and family around....I did eat pizza and hot dogs. Anybody know of any substitutes?

    Can't think of anything else right now...appreciate you listening....if you have any tips..ideas...etc...please feel free to drop a comment or add me :)