384 Sticks of Butter Gone Missing



  • andrewgrainger242
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    Way to go inspirational
  • success313
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    You have done an absolutely amazing job! You should feel very proud of what you have accomplished so far. Thank you for posting this!
  • __TMac__
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    I've pictured my own missing sticks of butter too. With much joy. :)

    I think I've done the math properly that a gallon of fat would weight 9 lbs, so I'm thinking about stocking up on gallons of water (which would smart for disaster prep anyway) and building the number up to match my weight loss. Right now, I've lost 36 lbs, which would be 4 gallons. The actual weight of the water is a little less than that (8.3-ish), but close enough to get the idea.
  • Looserpbc
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    Wow! You look great and I really admire your ability to persevere. I have also used the thought of pounds of butter to visualize the weight loss, or more recently GAIN! So thanks for the motivation to get back on track.
  • Hey beeee-uuutiful friend!!! You look amazing!!!! Such an inspiration!!!
  • JulieSHelms
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    Hey beeee-uuutiful friend!!! You look amazing!!!! Such an inspiration!!!

    Thanks, Carmen! And I'll have you know, those thighs up there are all from you inspiring me on SQUATS! ;-)
  • WindyCityGal160
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    So inspirational!! Thanks for breaking your weight loss into segments- it's helpful! You must feel like a million bucks!
  • CDT12000
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    You look so athletic!! Great job!
  • julie2038
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    Love your story. Way to keep pushing through and finding new things that worked at each stage.