Any atheist, agnostics, or nons on here?



  • kali31337
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    Agnostic here!
  • StancaMente
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  • mattdhall
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    I've been an atheist since my early teens. Nice to see others here!
  • JSaus13
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    So here's my deal....

    I was sent to a Catholic elementary school (I was baptized Methodist) for a better education. I learned all about the Catholic religion. As I grew older, I didn't necessarily believe in THAT God that all speak of and abide by and such. I did, however, think that maybe there was some higher power that we could possibly look up to for....something....anything. I guess really, it's just the childhood upbringing hoping for guidance.

    I ended up pulling the same garbage my parents did and sending my child to a Christian school (he still loves me). He's been there since he was in Pre-K and he graduates this year. He is now an atheist.

    I think for a while I was agnostic, but as time went on, I feel that I'm an atheist. The bible is a story and there's no God judging me from above.

    You may notice that old teachings die hard. I still capitalize god and religions and stuff. I appreciate proper grammar (though, I'm not here to judge about that either).
  • NancyN795
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    Atheist, humanist, skeptic, liberal.

    I started with more than 100 pounds to lose, but that was 4 years ago. I'm doing it slowly. I've got about 15 to go to get to more than 100 pounds lost. I haven't actually decided what my final goal weight is.
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    I've always had a tendency to identify as agnostic, but probably really verging on atheist, and humanist. Hi! Friend requests welcome.

    I did spend a very 'interesting' year as a science teacher in a Catholic school, where I also had to teach a religion class. Talk about conflict of interest! (all I can say is, thank the baby jesus that the actual official stance of the Catholic church is that evolution is correct, lol)
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    LaVeyan, but I call it diet Atheism
  • michellemybelll
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    Liberal feminist agnostic here!
  • I guess I'm agnostic. Buddha quotes are as spiritual as I can get.
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    Atheist here! Already lost 70 lbs,looking to lose another 50 :)
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    Atheist here, good to see so many others! Where I live I feel very alone and really haven't even admitted to being an atheist because they're so looked down on here.
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    @nicholasdyoung You become friends by either sending a request (and that person accepts) or accepting a friend request. From here, you can click on someone's username or avatar/photo to the left of their post for a small pop-up window. Click in the pop-up window on their name or photo again to go to their profile. On profile, click Add Friend button. It's nice to include a brief message to help that person decide whether to accept the friend request.
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    100 % atheists
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    Liberal feminist agnostic here!

    same here!
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    burnsdesi wrote: »
    Liberal feminist agnostic here!

    same here!

    woohoo! :smile:
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    Satanist saying hello
  • 3rdof7sisters
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    Agnostic (still a little hope inside, my hypocrisy knows no bounds) leaning towards atheism.

    But I definitely do not believe in organized religion.
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    another agnostic/humanistic here (raised that way) though I have attended a Unitarian Universalism church in the past when I felt a need for spirituality.