Loose 30 pounds before June



  • lakehousechef
    lakehousechef Posts: 2 Member
    I would love to join this group, I would LOVE to lose 30 pounds, before June or at least mid-July. Going on a beach vacation with lots of SUPER fit girls, so I want to at least feel confident in my swim suit! Please let me know what days you weigh in!
  • mhankosk
    mhankosk Posts: 535 Member
    Starting weight (1/2): 201.3
    Weigh ins:
    (1/9): 198.0
    (1/16): 195.4
    (1/23): 193.2
    (1/30): 193.4
    Goal weight by June 1: 165
    Total loss since 1/1: 7.7 lbs
    Percent of the way there: 21.2%

    This last weekend was bad. We had beer olympics (my team won! WOO). It could have been worse though. :)
  • hollyrj86
    hollyrj86 Posts: 39 Member
    I'm in but probably aiming for 20lbs to begin with. I only have 30 to loose so the last 10 might take a bit longer. Still 20 is a start.

    I'm 149lbs and goal is 129lbs

    I had a baby in June and am still breastfeeding so I don't want to loose to much too quickly and affect my supply.
  • daddio66in2000
    daddio66in2000 Posts: 33 Member
    I'm Russ
    Count me in
    H 5'8
    Sw 285
    Cw 238.4
    Gw 180
    Son is getting married in June, I want to look good for me and him.
  • nurseangelamomof5boys
    I would love to lose 30 lbs by June count me in.
    I'm down 10.2 lbs since Jan 9/17
    Lost 1 .2 lbs this week
  • Nejah2018
    Nejah2018 Posts: 22 Member
    Weigh in Monday for me
    SW 190
    GW 160
    CW 185.4
    Lost 1.4lb this week see u next week
  • lnbecker
    lnbecker Posts: 4 Member
    I would like to join this!
    I am getting married in October and losing 30lbs by June would be great.

    SW 181
    CW 175
    June goal: 145
    Overall goal: 130-135

    (I weigh in on Wednesdays)

    2/1: 175
  • Scochrane86
    Scochrane86 Posts: 374 Member

    Highest Weight - 275 (May 2016)
    Starting Weight - 210
    Goal Weight - 180
    Ultimate Goal - 140

    1/30/17 - Week #1 - 206lbs
    2/6/17 - Week #2 - 204lbs

  • hollyrj86
    hollyrj86 Posts: 39 Member
    1/2/17 - 149
    7/2/17 - 145.5
    15/2/17 -
    22/2/17 -
    1/3/17 -
    8/3/17 -
    15/3/17 -
    22/3/17 -
    29/3/17 -
  • toucycollarbones
    I'd love to joint the challenge. Hopefully we can motivate each other and be friends. I'm 5'1 and 115-120lbs. Id love to be 95-100lbs by summer and finally be comfortable and toned enough to wear a bikini and shorts this year
  • KatieBaack
    KatieBaack Posts: 97 Member
    I'm in! I started on 1/28 at 209.2

    GW: 179.2 by June 1st
    UG: 175 (for now, once I get there, I'll work on the last 25)

    2/7/17 - 205.6 (-3.6 or 12%)

    Feel free to add me, I can always use more motivation!
  • knb291
    knb291 Posts: 1 Member
    I hope it's not too late to join! This sounds like a fantastic goal to reach before summer! I would like to get in shape so that I don't have to gasp and puff my way along on hikes in the mountains!

    Current weight: 168.4
    Goal weight: 140
  • mellamamelindaaa
    mellamamelindaaa Posts: 14 Member
    Good Afternoon All,

    Enjoying a lovely Snow Day off in NYC.
    Just wanted to see if we could get some more conversation going on this thread.
    The journey is easier with support.

    Question; how are you guys getting your water in.
    I've tried using a bigger bottle, but it's annoying to carry around.
    I've tried flavoring with lemon (other fruits too, but mostly lemon) & developed some sort of acid reflux to it
    just curious what things you guys have tried.
  • KatieBaack
    KatieBaack Posts: 97 Member
    I made a deal with myself that I need to drink a full bottle of water between other (less healthy) drinks. Coffee in the morning? Fine, but you have to drink at least 32oz of water before you get to have anything else.
  • mellamamelindaaa
    mellamamelindaaa Posts: 14 Member
    what kind of cup/bottle are you using?
    I don't drink any coffee or tea. I haven't had soda regularly for over 4 years.
    from time to time I'll drink a sierra mist if the only other non-soda option is lemonade bc of the discomfort I get now. so I mostly drink plain water anyway. I'm just having trouble upping it. I'm a pre-k teacher so with so many things going on in the classroom I simply forget.
    I also drink juice, which with the sugar is terrible i know but Hawaiian punch is my obsession lol
  • jayjaycakez
    jayjaycakez Posts: 1 Member
    I'd like to join with 20 lbs by June
  • KatieBaack
    KatieBaack Posts: 97 Member
    I'm using a Pogo 32oz Water Bottle. I picked it up at target when it was on sale. It doesn't keep the water super cold, but I'm not super particular on that.

    I have 2 kids at home, so I totally get the juice thing! Hawaiian Punch is always a delicious treat for me.
  • mellamamelindaaa
    mellamamelindaaa Posts: 14 Member
    Oh Ok, so you just drink that one bottle before you allow yourself anything else.
    I'm not sure if the water temp matters to me,
    I'll drink room temperature water no problem bc that's how it usually ends up in the classroom lol
    Now I'm wondering which temp is better for weight loss, or if it even matters at all.
  • ssmag
    ssmag Posts: 1 Member
    I would like to join.
    My current weight is 190 and would like to reach 160.
  • Annaxlisex
    Annaxlisex Posts: 27 Member
    Sorry I haven't logged on in a while guys I've been flat out in the gym, climbing mountains and boxing. Was just about logging in my measurements how are you all getting along??