Returning to MyFitnessPal

Hello everyone, I used MyFitnessPal a few years ago after having my first child, was getting great results!! Then.. I got pregnant lol. So it's been a few years and I'm back again!! I need motivation to kick my butt into gear!! After a long (5 year) engagement, I'm finally getting married in October!! So it's definitely time to get myself in gear!! Hoping I can stick to it!


  • Drea0405
    Drea0405 Posts: 24 Member
    Good for you!! Add me if you would like. I am trying to get into a healthier lifestyle overall but I am also in two weddings this year. Good luck!
  • Elle_phant
    Elle_phant Posts: 29 Member
    Welcome back and congratulations on your new addition and your wedding! Feel free to add me. I'm hoping to lose my weight by October as well (birthday).
  • jkwolly
    jkwolly Posts: 3,049 Member
    Good luck and welcome back! Feel free to add me if you'd like :smile:
  • Crawford0592
    Crawford0592 Posts: 3 Member