Advice on fighting through cravings, doubt

Just seeing what works for you folks when you feel like caving in, giving up, and doubt creeps in? Each Monday I promise to start all over again, and by dinnertime I am past my calories and feeing like giving up.


  • Ayrk
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    1. Drink lots of water. I fill up a gallon water jug and work on it throughout the day. Especially when hungry. Makes you pee a lot, though.
    2. Prepare your lunch and dinner ahead of time and ration them in tupperware.
    3. Get a snack that you can take small bites of between meals. Today I tided over with greek yogurt and lots of water/coffee. It does keep your appetite at bay.
    4. Plan plan plan your meals. That was number 2, but it's number 4 as well. And number 5. Number 6. It doesn't come naturally. But it is a skill that you can improve quickly and it does get easier.

    Personally, I like buying a big pack of chicken breast, taking it home, seasoning it up and throwing the whole thing in the oven at once. Takes 40 minutes if you include preheat. With the chicken, I buy one of those $5 salad bins like baby spinach. Throw it in some tupperware with a chicken breast and whatever other salad fixings I like.

    The frozen mixed veggies from the store are probably even more healthy than fresh veggies because they're frozen right after the field.

    Are you exercising? An hour of a real workout makes you feel super motivated to eat good things. Good luck!
  • bluecrush84
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    Yoga daily
    Tea, no milk or sugar
    Water with crystal light
    A large low calorie breakfast example: 2 eggs, 2 English muffins, unsweetened almond milk and turkey bacon
    Halo top, after dinner dessert
    Eat more protein
    Low calorie alternatives of the foods you like. YouTube is a Mecca for healthy options.
    Write down every single feeling you have regarding eating: the feelings you have before you cave, during the cave, and after....then save it for the next time you want to cave into your cravings. Also write down the positives in your life as a result of sticking to your goals. Then breathed de-stress
  • rileysowner
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    Pre-log and pre-prepare your food for the day.
  • lorrpb
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    Why do you want to start over? This is your reason to keep it going. Set a plan and follow it. It's not necessary to feel motivated all the time.
  • catluvgal
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    Regarding cravings: I've been giving myself two meals per week for "cheat". Friday dinner and Sunday lunch. The fact that I know I can have something I'm craving during one of those times helps that pass and then, come Friday or Sunday, a good week is a great motivator to make good choices - even on "cheat"! I find I don't even remember what I craved in those moments.
  • GemstoneofHeart
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    I like to remember that if I give up, in 6 months I will be so mad at myself. But if I don't, in 6 months it will all be worth it!
  • smileyducky
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    If I get a strong or unexpected craving I have a few different methods for fighting it:

    1) remind yourself why you're on this journey in the first place.
    2) distract yourself by going on a walk, taking a bath, a short nap etc whatever
    3) drink more water to see if you're just thirsty
    4) set a cheat once a week. I tell myself I can have whatever I'm craving now on that day. Most of the time I'm not even craving it when cheat day rolls around but if I still want it I limit myself to one single serving no more than 500cals
    5) if you really feel you need it NOW and TODAY log it before you get it. Sometimes the calorie shock is enough to deter you, or may be surprisingly low enough to fit into your daily limit. Win win!

    Cravings are the nature of the weight loss beast, everyone will get them no matter how disciplined they become and how much progress they make so thinking of ways of how you can deal with it in the future has helped me tremendously. Worst case scenario you blow your calorie limit and get back on the horse tomorrow
  • refinedredbird
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    Meal prep on Sundays for the rest of the week has been the most helpful. Also, I second Halo Top ice cream. It has a lot less calories than traditional ice cream and it is really good. I have a sweet tooth and I find dark chocolate almonds also ease cravings.