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    You might also look into electric pressure cookers like the instant pot.

    I bookmarked the Instant Pot site for hubby and I to go over tonight. You might be right about being better off getting something that can do a lot of things rather than one that can only do one thing.
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    Interested in the Insta-Pot next. I am on my 3rd or 4th, I forget, slow cooker. My favorite so far has been the one I use now (was a "gift" to my husband) and it is a 7 QT Cuisinart programmable multi-cooker - love it. Use it at least 1 time a week if not 2 or 3. Waiting for this one to die before going on to the next something - unfortunately, it has lasted a Long time..... lol
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    My slow cooker has been retired to the gadget graveyard in the basement since I got a pressure cooker. With my work schedule the cook time ended up around 10 hours and even when I got a model with a timer that switched it to warm most stuff turned to mush in that time. Anything with chicken breast or non-starchy veg (i.e. just about all the dump and go recipes) was inedible. Most of the recipes that actually tasted good involved browning the meat first so I never saved much time on prep or cleanup. Electric pressure cooker took care of all of those problems for me. I can brown and then slow or pressure cook all in one pot. It has a delay start timer so I can throw frozen stuff or non-perishables like potatoes in and have them ready when I get home. I only use my slow cooker to take hot dishes to potlucks now.
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    We have three. A big one, probably a 6qt but I have no idea, a medium sized one that is tall and deep, and a smaller one. The big one is for pulled pork, roasts, whole chickens and the like. The other two are for smaller roasts, or more often, for soups and chilies. The bigger one and the smallest one we purchased new, the medium one was a yard sale find for $5.
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    You might also look into electric pressure cookers like the instant pot.

    That's what I was going to suggest, I just got an Instant Pot this weekend. I have several slow cookers already but am excited that this enables you to sauté, and pressure cook, steam, or slow cook in it.

    Making beef stew with butternut squash for my second trial run with the thing!

    I've had an instant pot for a couple years now, and added the smallest GoPro (I live alone) over the summer.

    The instant pot is really the nicer of the two, I just wanted to be able to cook much smaller portions with less liquid. If you only have one, get a 5 or 6qt.
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    I think you will end up thinking the 2 qt is too small for what you described. I use a 6 qt one all the time and it's perfect if you want to have some leftovers or if you're cooking a large piece of meat (like a whole chicken). I'd also recommend getting one with a programmable timer so that you can set a cooking time. I ordered mine from Macy's when they were having a sale but you can also get one from Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20% coupon.
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    I've been eyeing the electric pressure cookers and thinking of buying one.

    My crockpot has latches that lock onto the top to make it more secure for transporting to potlucks, a feature that I really, really like. I don't remember what brand it is.
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    I bought a Ninja about two years ago off and saved a lot of money. It can be a small oven, a stove-top, slow cooker and a buffet (keep food warm only) ... Now I don't have to brown my roast in a skillet before transferring to the crock-pot. It's all in one!
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    Was at Walmart today and found this:

    I think it's what I want - multiple cooking options and at a "fair" price.
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    I'm looking at this one,after I made the mistake of giving my slow cooker away. Instant Pot can be used as a slow cooker......but not I found out.
  • trisH_7183
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    Was at Walmart today and found this:

    I think it's what I want - multiple cooking options and at a "fair" price.

    Just saw this.Check Amazon,Target etc for pressure cookers.Most stores like Khols,etc carry them. Good luck.

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    Another vote for the instant pot. Love the thing. We're at 7500', the difference in cooking times is amazing.

    Green Pork Chili!
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    I'd also say at least a 6qt. I use a Nesco brand but it doesn't have a timer. I also have an electric pressure cooker ... love it! A jar of sauce or salsa with frozen chicken breasts... yum
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    I talked to hubby about getting one and he agreed it's a good idea. The sad part is we're going to ask my MIL to buy one for our anniversary in 5 weeks. The waiting...

    Definitely think about the Instant Pot, it's one of my best, if not the best, kitchen buy I have made (and I have just about every gadget there is).
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    I have, a 7 qt, a 6 qt, a 4 qt, a 2 qt and a 1/2 quart dip one. also an electric pressure cooker. . I use em all. . might be a bit much. Hubby gave up and just lets me do whatever i want at this point. As long as i feed him he's happy.