I bought an elliptical!

I feel like I've made the greatest and most terrible decision of my life. Lol But I feel great! I never realized how many calories you burn by using one for 60 minutes!


  • Cylphin60
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    We've had ours for a couple of years now, and yes, it can do the job. :)
  • 30kgin2017
    30kgin2017 Posts: 228 Member
    We finally worked out how to change the resistance setting after 5 years! It provides a much better workout now.
  • Jruzer
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    Congratulations! I've got one and I use it on weekends or when the weather is bad. It's one of my favorite exercises.

    But be wary of advertised calorie burns - unless you're going really hard, or are really overweight, you're unlikely to be burning more than 10 calories per minute. For some reasons elliptical machines seem to overstate calorie burns: the Life Fitness machine I use in my work gym reports more than 1000 calories per hour - that's ludicrous.
  • faithbabe21
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    way to go! Can I ask what type, I'm considering the same purchase?
  • Zendrick
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    I bought one 3 months ago. I feel it is really helping me shed weight. I use it about 3-4x a week and with eating below my recommend calories and weight lifting I've lost closer to 11 lbs so far.