Is there anyone else here who can eat a whole loaf of bread?



  • surreychic
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    JennyRATL wrote: »
    oh, loads of it! my personal fave is the Lady Godiva Dark Sea Salt. Have one block, sometimes two, every day!

    Excellent, this cheered me up. :-)

  • CafeRacer808
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    Yes, absolutely. Especially if it involves King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread. But any bread will do, really. :#
  • orendork
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    Fresh baked bread kills me. I've stopped baking it so I don't destroy myself, lol.
  • katjennings
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    Every time I eat bread or sugar or drink alcohol my eating derails
  • Grandma201114
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    I'm so a Carb Addict! It's real!!!
  • DearestWinter
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    I second the suggestion to freeze the loaf (after slicing it). It's super easy to defrost in the microwave or toast from frozen. It tastes just as good as if it were fresh. It also makes it a little more challenging to grab a slice and it keeps it off the counter and out of sight.
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    surreychic wrote: »
    I can avoid the chocolate, but yesterday I brought a lovely loaf of seeded high protein bread. I had apprehensions about getting it because I have previously found I can't resist it, ridiculous as it sounds, it's so healthy. This morning, it's all gone! I had no sleep yesterday due to a young child being awake all night. I brought the bread with the best of intentions but I have three slices then want more! The whole thing has gone. In my massive tummy hashtag greed.

    Cinnamon Raisin bread . . . yup. Fresh baked bread . . . yup. Dutch Sugar bread . . . yup. Other breads, not so much.
  • tealtortoise
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    I agree with the previous poster who said you are a good Mom! It is pure torture to be up all night. I feel for you and I understand. My son didn't sleep through the night for over 2.5 years...I, too, got caught up in late night eating. It went until a few months after he started really sleeping through the night that I could really get the head space to do what I needed to do diet wise. Hang in there and stay positive!
  • KatzeDerNacht22
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    Never tried..I usually add avocado or peanut butter to bread so I couldn't cos I'd be full with a portion.
  • Reaverie
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    I couldn't because I hate the taste of bread and noodles but my daughter is a bread addict. She begs for 4 things every time we shop.. chocolate, pocky, okra, and a loaf of bread from the deli. I have to tell her no because she WILL eat the whole loaf in one sitting.
  • jd5351
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    We went out for our Valentines dinner on Saturday. I personally ate 2 loaves of the fresh bread they bring out. And lots of fresh herbed butter. Guess who isn't going out for Italian food for a very long time? I can't be trusted around delicious bread. lol
  • lmunik
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    Hey. I can eat almost a full container of ice cream, or definately a large bag ofnchocolate every nite. It was out of control!!! You are not alone. Sharples. Some od its emotional, some bad choices and munching at night. I also have no will power if its in the house. Since I started MFP Ive eliminated this crazy eating. But firna chuxh Valentines dinner they had desert and chocolate on the table and I couldnt stop myself. It was so good! Any suggestions?
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    Oh maaaaaan, I remember a day when I had toast for breakfast (lazy and a rarity) and then suddenly the loaf went the same way!!! Bread is definitely something I cannot and rarely have at my house. Usually when I have soup for lunch i have a high protein roll alongside, stored in the freezer they are no longer a temptation. But bread itself is a no go!
  • rabblescum
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    Yes. If toasted. While I don't outright ban foods from my diet, I don't eat toast or breakfast cereal on a regular basis. They trigger what I call "shark brain" and I want to eat the whole loaf/box. I treat them like a special dessert item that I know is high calorie, know is addictive for me and know I can only have one. Every day for breakfast is too much temptation.
  • lmunik
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    Shark Brain I love that image! Thats me with chocolate!
  • surreychic
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    I'm so glad it's not just me! My other half doesn't understand it, he says "but I feel full after two slices, how on earth can you eat loaf?".... nom nom.
  • beachykeen917
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    Well, did he stay up all night with the little one? Sleep deprivation is a horrible thing. It really throws you off in so many ways - like I think your body gets confused about time of day - your endocrine system gets all wonky. You obviously aren't eating a loaf of bread because you are hungry. I think he needs to understand that. You are stressed - physically and emotionally. And bread tastes yummy. :) So it's like a way to calm yourself, right? Some people take drugs. Others eat bread.
  • lmunik
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    So i have seen my 3rd ortho surgeon. The MRIs didnt show a bruised bone, torn hamstring. Im on the mend w steriod pills and i can walk w/o limping! Its so great! No feeling in pain. And, Im off my pain meds. Just a different diagnosis and a new med regime. So, if u habent foumd tje right Dr for you Keepb trying. Itll make all the diff to you.

  • paola750628
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    I have been there! I'm also a mum (three kids) and I love bread &/butter. I lost all my overweigh when I bought a spinning, I started with 5 min a day and walks only. Don't be so hard on yourself if you had a Bad night. Eat well and have a loaf of bread if you need it but try to add exercise so you get strong, you are going to need it! And try to rest as much as you can, that's important too my dear. Sorry if my English is no perfect.