Breakfast help with no prep time tips please.



  • enigma1984
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    Get a nutribullet if you can. I put porridge, fruit, protien powder and some nuts or seeds in and it takes a minute to blend. You can add greens too. Keeps me going!
  • crackpotbaby
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    Pre prepared hard boiled egg.

    30gm of almonds and an apple.

    A scoop of protein powder shaken with your choice of 'milk'.

    Left over bit of meat/veggies from dinner.

    Oat meal.

    Trail mix,
  • jelleigh
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    I do overnight refrigerator chia pudding. It's fast to make, yummy, and very healthy. Also really easy to take to go (I used 250 ml canning jars). There are lots of recipe ideas on Pinterest. My favourite was raspberries, vanilla protein powder, skim milk, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds (and some honey and vanilla to taste) . It has a great protein content and kept me feeling full for a long time. I used to make maybe 6 at a time (took about 5 min) in a few different flavours.
  • Jules_farmgirl
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    I made a batch of muesli (you can buy it in the store too). You can mix it in yogurt the night before and eat it the next morning. I find it a great breakfast now that I have to eat breakfast before I leave the house.
  • WinoGelato
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    I also don't usually have time to cook breakfasts in the morning - I exercise and get ready for work and then get two kids off to school so I want grab and go things as well.

    I have found a lot of the frozen breakfast options from Jimmy Dean and Special K to be tasty and more filling than a nutrigrain bar. Jimmy Dean has sandwiches, bowls (turkey sausage, egg whites, potatoes and cheese with 24 G protein and about 230 cals) and little egg muffin/frittatas for 2 it's about 250 cals with bacon, spinach and cheese. I grab those and heat them up when I get to work and eat them while I'm checking my email.

    I also sometimes just grab a Chobani and some blueberries and I keep nature valley protein granola in my drawer at work.

    Sometimes I do have time on weekends to prep a breakfast casserole (eggs, ham, spinach and cheese) and then I slice that and eat it all week long, sometimes with pita pockets.
  • CattOfTheGarage
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    Muesli is my go to quick breakfast, but if I want more protein I fry an egg. I have one of those eeny weeny tiny frying pans, just the right size for a single egg, and it makes the effort of cooking and washing up one egg much less intimidating, as the pan itself is smaller than a saucer.
  • zclfe56
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    I know not everyone is a fan of these but I always have an Oat So Simple porridge pot thing (Golden Syrup flavour) and I put a few raisins in before I put in the boiling water just to give it more texture. It takes 15 seconds of stirring then you leave it for 1 minute and it's super filling. Not especially cost-effective compared to making porridge but if time is more of a priority than money then it's a good option.
  • middwitch
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    My go to Breakfast takes no longer than time to toast 1 GF slice of bread. Scramble egg in microwave (Pam sprayed omelet dish) plus sprinkling of turkey sausage for 1 minute. Top with sprinkle of x-sharp Cabot cheddar cheese, 30 seconds more. Toast is up, spread with very thin amt of mayo, 1 tsp homemade relish. Toast is cut in quarters, and egg cut in 4. 300 calories that is substantial and lasts til lunch. Fully worth the three minutes to make.

    Option for about the same calories, 1/2 C of Fage 2% yogurt, sweetened with 2 t maple syrup, topped with 1/2 C berries, 1/3 C granola.
  • aflane
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    Today I grabbed a Fage peach yogurt and 1 ounce of Naked Bear Vanilla Almond Crunch granola on top. 240 calories, creamy, crunchy and filling. Prep time -- around 10 seconds to measure out the granola.
  • savithny
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    My usual breakfast is 3/4 cup of full-fat cottage cheese. A bunch of protein+fat really keeps me going until lunch.
  • cbelc2
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    Try overnight oatmeal. No cook, fast evening prep, add spoon and go in the morning. Google it. There are hundreds of varieties. Use plastic cup and spoon and it's all disposable.
  • annacole94
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    I make a batch of overnight oats that lasts me for 4 days. I portion it into tupperware when I make it, and bring one to work with me and eat it here. They're well balanced and taste good.
  • mburgess458
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    annacole94 wrote: »
    I make a batch of overnight oats that lasts me for 4 days. I portion it into tupperware when I make it, and bring one to work with me and eat it here. They're well balanced and taste good.

    Overnight oats and yogurt. Great healthy breakfast that tastes great and really sticks with you. Sometimes a hard-boiled egg or two also.
  • leajas1
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    I quadruple the Overnight Oats suggestions. There can be so much variety and they're good and filling!
  • kali31337
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    I like a low cal breakfast and decided to make my own protein bars. Haven't figured out the consistency yet but the they are super tasty and pretty filling
  • Theo166
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    Instant oatmeal with some yogurt and peanut butter mixed in.
  • lilithsrose
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    I like Belvita Breakfast Biscuits. I like the chocolate bite-size ones the best.

    Ensure or something similar is easy to grab and go. My favorite is the Butter Pecan Ensure.

    Hard-Boiled Eggs are a good standby. They literally take 15 minutes to make.

  • clh72569
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    I go for hard boiled eggs and a yogurt. Since I eat a fair amount of hard boiled eggs, I bought an egg cooker. Cost about $19 and cooks 6 eggs in 20 min. Then I keep them in the fridge and grab 2 eggs and a yogurt each morning.
  • ninyagwa
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    If you are just looking for something prepackaged so you don't have to really prep, there are yogurt drinks usually near the yogurt section at the supermarket. There are frozen breakfast sandwiches that take a minute to heat up (lots of sodium usually and sometimes weird tasting). There used to be Frozen muffin tops you could order online, just let it thaw out overnight and eat it in the AM.
    Personally I usually make a whole grain toast or english muffin with peanut butter on it and grab some fruit. Sometimes I eat it while I prep my lunch for the day or between getting my daughter ready.
    I hope you find some other options.
    I do second the hard boiled eggs, I like to boil and peel them all on one night, and I'm not a yolk fan so I take that out and cut up 2 or 3 into a plastic cup and take that in the car to eat.
    You could also cut up a bunch of fresh fruit and portion it into tupperware or plastic cups with plastic wrap or ziploc bags if you need disposable.
  • trigden1991
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    Pre-made breakfast burrito/wrap, porridge, protein shake, fruit salad.