NEED Friends to bug and motivate me!



  • red1185
    red1185 Posts: 388 Member
    Add me too!! I'd love to take part, and have the accountability!!
  • Sunbucket3
    Sunbucket3 Posts: 5 Member
    I am not sure how to add or to be added but I would love to have people who have the same struggles
  • lindacstitch
    lindacstitch Posts: 11 Member
    Hi. It so sounds like I could have written your statement.!!! I want to be 12 stone which I believe I can maintain and look fine as 5,9 also and from the UK. I would love to have people on here as friends to support and motivate each other. Please add me as a friend.( am not really sure how to do it myself) looking forward to hearing from you
  • moevans19
    moevans19 Posts: 8 Member
    Feel free to add me! It's hard to keep the motivation and focus at times! So here to give any tips or encouragement as well as get a kick in the butt sometimes too! Good luck on your weight loss journey! You can do it!
  • trntrg
    trntrg Posts: 32 Member
    I've been on for 1 week and I'd like new friends as well. Add me! I'll add some of you all also :-)
  • rdevol
    rdevol Posts: 278 Member
    Not a great weekend for me. Had a few drinks on Saturday. Didn't eat too badly, though. Feelin like crap with a nasty cold but trying to eat decently today. How are the rest of you doing this fine Monday?
  • littlepocketfox
    littlepocketfox Posts: 7 Member
    My 3rd time here too.... back again as my toddler is keeping me on my toes and I'm hella unfit. I live in the Midlands, nice to meet you :)
  • the_fabuliz_life
    the_fabuliz_life Posts: 14 Member
    I'll send you a request! I am also 205 pounds at 5'5" and looking for support, encouragement and friends on this journey! Anyone here can add me too!!!!