Bikram's Hot Yoga Calorie Count?



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    Maybe this is helpful

    I always try to look for a formula instead of using the automatic calculators that are so easy to find online. It does seem a bit high, but at least it's explained. And again, it's only an approximation!

    Because a page titled "bikram yoga benefits" is the first place I would go for an objective analysis.

    Big surprise--the calorie information on this page is utter nonsense.

    What information? I see nothing but a title page.
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    To Mr. ACE certified, ACE estimates about 237 calories per 50 min for power yoga. It also states that it IS an aerobic exercise. Keep in mind that the study from which they derived this number had only 15 subjects and did not establish statistical significance (meaning the findings aren't even valid in the medical world). The variance of calories burned was 6 to 1 calories/ min. So basically ACE has no idea.

    - clinical data analyst (12 years experience)
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    What I'd be interested in is the formula's that these tools are using as well as the assumptions they are making.

    Even the study referenced above states that they were dealing with seasoned yoga practitioners, no mention of their weight, range of ages between 19 and 40. That's not nearly enough information to make any sound reasoning from the broad brush strokes of information.

    No matter what calculator I use there seems to be one consistent element and that is that weight can have a pretty dramatic impact. Regardless of whether the end result is something that sounds reasonable or is really only a pipedream.

    To share some personal experience; I've been doing a version of Bikram for the last 6 years and there's a huge distinction in class between the level of workout between people that have been practicing for a long time (> 5 years) and those that are new (< 5 years) as well as a distinction between thin and heavy folks. You've basically got one person standing there barely sweating breathing through their nose the entire class and the next person is sweating like crazy and on the verge of being out of breath the whole class. Clearly there's a distinction between the two experiences. Now, there is a reasonable question about the metabolic distinction and how that relates to calories burned but I've yet to see that illustrated anywhere such that a calculator could be understood.
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    I did Bikram for about a year. I thought I was burning about 900 calories in a class and I was eating half those back. I actually gained a few pounds. I started a high intensity dance class when I stopped Bikram and the pounds started to drop off. I think the 'calories burned' listed for Bikram is greatly overestimated unfortunately.
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    Yoga is not strenuous and I would not expect to see more than 3-400 calories for an hour.
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    Yoga is not strenuous and I would not expect to see more than 3-400 calories for an hour.


    My azz gets pretty kicked in the yoga class I go to (power vinyasa), but I do agree with the calories burned part of your statement. Also, this thread is old AF.