Feeling nervous!

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I've been trying on and off for just under a year to lose a few extra kg I've put on with no success. The reality check came just the other day when my father in law told me i was no longer punching above his son and that I need to get my butt to the f***ing gym. So here goes nothing. Feeling pretty alone in this and not too confident which isn't a great start, but I have to start somewhere. Open to anyones advice and would love to make some new friends along the way for support as well as returning the favour!


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    Hope your husband is nicer than his father.
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    Fortunately he is! And willing to help although he tells me that it wouldn't matter how I looked
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    Golly that's a bit of a father in law to deal with
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    So, how do you want to achieve it? The "easiest" way should be calorie count, but that is a no-brainer, as that is what MFP (sort of) is all about, but the other option (in combination with CICO) is activity. No need to feel nervous I guess, as it is not really difficult, but it does require determination. Once you start seeing the lbs drop your confidence grows
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    I think that is the hardest bit for me. I will begin to track and then loose focus in a few days. Once I eat one little bad thing my brain just justifies everything for that day to be bad because in my mind "I've already stuffed it". I have started swimming again though and started up some cardio as well, its just sticking to it now. Mind over matter.
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    How charming! I hope you had a suitably pithy comeback (I may have put on weight but as least I've not lost any manners, for example!). Try to find some activity you can do with hubby as well as your own efforts (controlling calories, doing more exercise) - maybe go for nice walks together, then you get someone to talk to at the same time.
  • Well that's just rude, smart father in law! I hope your husband is more supportive than that. Just take it one day at a time, even if you have a "bad" day never mind start fresh the day after. Once you see the lbs drop you will gain more confidence. Your not alone there's a lot of people that feel the same. Feel free to add me we can support each other
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    You got this. Don't give up on yourself so quickly, push through it.

    Its all about calorie deficit and maintaining a deficit. Burn more than you put in and the weight will come off 1 to 2 pounds a week. That's adds up pretty quickly.

    This app makes tracking what you eat super easy and you can do it.