Workout Music

I'm looking for some new suggestions for good, upbeat, fast paced songs to listen to during my morning cardio! Any suggestions? What is your go to song that gets you pumped?


  • Hello_its_Dan
    Hello_its_Dan Posts: 406 Member
    DJ Girltalk All Day.
    Its free on his site.
  • Tacklewasher
    Tacklewasher Posts: 7,122 Member
    I listen to rockmyrun. Classic rock at 140 bpm. They pop up asking you to pay every 10 minutes or so, but it isn't too annoying. Was at the end of my running portion the other day when I can't drive 55 came on and I had to keep running.
  • Heather4448
    Heather4448 Posts: 908 Member
    IDFWY/ Intoxicated remix!
  • Jackie_Paper
    Jackie_Paper Posts: 183 Member
    yaaas girltalk!!!
  • Jackie_Paper
    Jackie_Paper Posts: 183 Member
    what type of work out are you doing? i always have to change my music based on what I'm doing, or the pace is off....
  • teamvic
    teamvic Posts: 140 Member
    "Go" by Chemical Brothers, any song by Duke Dumont, "Where do we go" by Lion Babe, blimey I could give you huge workout playlists I've compiled if my music taste is your liking.
  • TroubledSky
    TroubledSky Posts: 3 Member
    Lately I have been stuck on songs by Scissor Sisters. So happy and upbeat. Downloaded some, and will use when I jog. I often find and download songs from my Just Dance games, so I can use them for other activities. That is where I found Scissor Sisters for the first time.
  • courtneyfabulous
    courtneyfabulous Posts: 1,863 Member
    Move your body
    Cheap Thrills
    Burn the pages

    Big gigantic:
    Bring back the funk
    Highly Possible

    Galantis: love on me

    Meghan Trainor: No

    Mark Ronson: uptown funk
  • fatgirlandrobin
    fatgirlandrobin Posts: 34 Member
    I listen to soundtracks by Jeff Williams. Ultimate hype music.
    Favorites are
    - Caffeine
    - I Burn
    - Neon
    - I May Fall
    - On Your Knees
    - Round One
    - L.Z.T (Hero Like Me)

    (these are from soundtracks, so the songs have context to them, but they're all mostly just "kicking *kitten* and taking names" so it hypes me up)
  • DanSanthomes
    DanSanthomes Posts: 134 Member
    I seem to have gone all 80s recently (must have been cos original Footloose was on TV at the weekend). This playlist gets me through a bit of cardio after a long day at work >
  • elopez1998
    elopez1998 Posts: 40 Member
    Katy Perry
    Lady GaGa
  • Nanoo2013
    Nanoo2013 Posts: 32 Member
    I turn up Pitbull and other music in Spanish! I don't even speak Spanish but it gets me goin! ☺️