Struggle w/Stretching

Hey all,

I'm sure there are more people than just me with this problem... I love working out and have no problem motivating myself to do cardio/weights/etc.

But when it comes to stretching or yoga, I know that I need to do it, but I seriously struggle with motivating myself to do it on a regular basis. I set a goal of 10 minutes a day for myself starting on Feb. 1st but I so far I've been talking myself out of it more than half the time... Maybe if I post it publicly, I'll start holding myself more accountable for it. :sweat_smile:


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    Me too. After I get off the computer I am going to do a routine from Miranda Esmonde-White. Her Classical Stretch series on public television is widely available (perhaps even in your library.) Each episode is 20-25 minutes and in the cd I have, there is strengthening as well. I always feel better afterward.
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    Type starting with just a few basic stretches, a couple for upper body & a couple for lower. Be done in 4 minutes then add to it every couple of weeks.
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    Why do you need to stretch? Do you do dynamic warm ups?
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    bbell1985 wrote: »
    Why do you need to stretch? Do you do dynamic warm ups?

    General flexibility and to help out with some overall tightness that I've developed from having 2 pretty labor-intensive jobs (work in a factory where I package things & put together pallets all day, then do personal training). It's one of those things that has always been low on my list of priorities, so I keep putting off and eventually once it's late enough convince myself I'd be better off just going straight to bed.
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    Over time, regular stretching dramatically improved my flexibility, cut down on random musculoskeletal aches and pains, and it also generally makes my joints feel well-oiled in the moment (but I'm old ;) ). But I do sometimes have trouble keeping it in my life as a daily thing.

    That idea of starting with a basic routine that's short, and adding on - that's a good tip. And I often find now that if I can just get myself started, I think of another stretch it would feel good to do, then another . . . .

    If there are any areas you could stretch that would pay off for other sports/activities you do, or that might remediate some minor body problem, that would be a good place to start, just to add a bit extra motivation.

    Finding the right time-slot in your day is another help - maybe while watching TV if you like to do that (even though focusing on the stretch can be more beneficial), or when you would otherwise just be standing around (waiting for the kettle to boil or whatever), or when it will have extra benefits (like as a relaxing pre-bedtime routine).

    That's all I've got! ;)
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    It took me a long time to enjoy stretching. A couple of weeks ago I stayed on for a yoga class and I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it. I soon realised that the stretching at the end of a circuits class etc is no way enough.

    I can only attend yoga once a week but the instructor showed us a 10 minute routine to do before bed and another to do in the morning and I find fit those in no problem
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    Thanks for all the motivation & pointers. 10 minutes a day shouldn't be that hard, but the whole reason I don't like stretching is because I'm not that flexible... and of course I need to actually stretch in order to become more flexible...

    At the factory job they actually have us stretch together twice a day for 5-7 mins, so technically I *do* stretch for 10 mins a day, but it's just a short series of light upper body stretches (wrists, arms, neck/shoulder rolls) that aren't held for very long, and all of my tightness issues seem come from my lower body (back, hips, IT band, calves) so the at-home stretching is definitely important
  • Hi there I'm new to MFP and I too struggle with much needed stretching. I have found that starting small is better than not starting at all. There are several stretches you can do before you even leave your bed
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    I'm rubbish at stretching or doing a warm-up before exercise, but what I HAVE started doing is some sun salutations as soon as I climb out of bed.

    I start gentle and after a few I can see my body has started to open up. Definitely start small and go from there perhaps?
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    I get bored quickly so sitting through the stretches was a nightmare. Everytime I wanted to hold a stretch for a minute or so I would give up all together after just 20 seconds. What helped was putting on headphones and stretch while listening to my favourite music. I don't even look at the timer anymore because usually a verse and a chorus is around 1:30 minute so I just remember when to switch.

    What may also help is to have a goal that you stretch for. For example you may want to do splits so you can easily build a routine with some hamstring and hip flexors stretches. I think noticing and measuring the progress will go better if you have a basic idea of what you want to achieve.
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    Static stretching was a major gap in my exercise life. Late last year I made it a priority to change that.

    I'm not very flexible and I had a hunch if I could get better with it some aches and pains would go away. I began working on Vinyasa yoga (home dvd's) and it's made a huge difference already.

    30 minutes is nothing and I often more than one session on the dvd because I love how I feel when I'm done.

    Like anything else, if you really want to do it, you will.

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    I recommend stretching while watching TV or a movie. I find it boring too but it helps if I make something fun conditional on stretching.
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    I always stretch after cardio or weights. I am 11 months into my yoga journey and the benefits have been amazing. I have adult degenerative scholiosis and my lower back pain and hip pain was getting extreme. I joined a studio (proper instruction is so important as the poses have so many tiny nuances that can be hard to see on your own) and started going to 4 90-minute Ashtanga classes a week. The PT schedule my doc wanted me on had me missing too much work. Needed an alternative.

    My pain is really minimal now, my range of motion has greatly increased, I lost quite a bit of body fat and as a bonus, my tension headaches have gone away and my prescriptions to deal with them are just sitting in a drawer.

    I love the poses are never really "done" and I can always push myself further/deeper. And I really enjoy the community at the studio.
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    I feel ya.
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    it's one of those things i often skip because i can't be arsed to get down on the floor. once i'm down there, i tend to make a big session of it.

    it's the transitions i have the trouble with. plus, that constant temptation to do mroe of the ones that are rewarding, and skip the ones that are not-so-much.