What are some foods in your reduced calorie diet?

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Hi folks! Just wanted ideas. I would like to hear what some of your low calorie foods are.

Some of my staples have been:
• Almond Breeze (30 cal almond milk)
• Flat-out bread (90 calories for a giant flat piece)
• Arctic Zero Ice Cream (35 calories per serving)
• 35 calorie rice cakes
• Black coffee and tea
• Leafy Vegetables
• Steamable frozen vegetable packs (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini...)

I eat peanut butter and healthy oils etc, but those don't qualify for that "low calorie" label.
And yours? Any good ones I can look for?


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    Have you checked out Halo Top ice cream? o:

    I preach it like gospel.

    Apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots, strawberries, blueberries... All season-depending, of course.

    Kale. I'm one of the heathens who enjoys the taste... Raw. Kale + raspberry fat-free balsamic vinaigrette? Omigod... <3

    Shirataki noodles and egg beaters. I'm remembering more things.
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    PixelPuff wrote: »
    Have you checked out Halo Top ice cream? o:

    I preach it like gospel.

    Oh yes!!!!! I forgot about Halo Top. Amazing.

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    a ton of kale.. celery. copious amounts of grapefruits. lots of mushrooms. lots of onions and zuchini squash
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    Dave's Killer Bread Thin Sliced (particularly Good Seed) is my favorite bread. It's 70 cals a slice. It's so good, and now when I have regular sized slices of bread, they feel like too much. I tried a lot of lower calorie breads, but none that tasted good until Dave's Bread.

    Egg whites. I like to use 1-2 eggs for a scramble and plump it up with some egg whites. Cauliflower rice. Spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles. Salsa.
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    Red Top Plain Greek Yogurt (Lucky's stores)
    La Tortilla Factory Low Carb tortillas (stuffed with raw greens and salsa)
    Trader Joe's: Turkey Meatballs, Chili Lime Chicken burgers, Mahi Mahi burgers
    Zucchini with marinara and parmesan
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    I don't really eat many foods marketed as low cal. Mostly I eat the foods I've always eaten like eggs, bacon, veg & fruit, potatoes, Greek yogurt, etc. I do eat Halo Top ice cream often.
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    I have never done any "low calorie" diets, I've just reduced my calorie intake, and this time I decided to not use any "low calorie" foods either. It's so easy to stick to the appropriate amount of calories when I eat food I like that nourishes me. I'm eating very similar to how I did as a child, and I'm effortlessly maintaining normal weight again, even without counting calories.

    Changes I have implemented:

    Plan meals I actually want to eat. Not denying myself any food I want to eat. Plan for it.
    Write shopping lists based on meal plan.
    Then only buy what's on the list.

    A better eating schedule and more variety. Alternate and rotate foods. Eat regular, balanced meals.
    Eat more real food and cook more from scratch.
    Stop being afraid of fat, sugar and salt. Add enough to get it just right.
    Have a fatty source of protein and vegetables as the base of every meal.

    Wait until I'm hungry before I eat.
    Drink only water, black coffee, unsweetened tea between meals.
    Portion out appropriate amounts for each meal.
    Enjoy my food and stop worrying about not eating "right".
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    I don't have diet foods per se, but I have gradually omitted some things that were too calorie dense to fit into my calories and avoid hunger. Regular cheese is gone, olive oil, nuts, regular bread and rolls, butter, nothing deep fried, full fat dressings. I like to cook and am able to eat three freshly prepared meals most days which I think makes a huge difference compared to if I had to forage out of the house or was unable to shop and cook the way I do. The couple diet products I do have around are Skinny Pop popcorn, light Laughing Cow, some sandwich thins (which aren't really diet, just smaller portions) and god damn Halo Top yesss. I love a little of the salted caramel one with a 100 cal pack of Lorna Doone cookies on top. Again not diet cookies, just a small portion. I had a side of arugula salad tonight and used just lemon juice and pepper on it with a tablespoon of parmesan and it was delicious. There's ways to go calorie light without a lot of "diet" food. I just don't care for a lot of it.
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    Orphia wrote: »
    Same foods I always ate and loved, in portions within my calorie limit.

    Yep, pretty much this.

    About the only thing I dropped from my diet was cashews, but I was thinking about dropping them anyway because I found I didn't feel particularly well when I ate more than a small handful in a day.

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    Lots of great feedback! Thank you. :)
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    a ton of kale.. celery. copious amounts of grapefruits. lots of mushrooms. Bleechhhh I would rather starve. I love all veggies EXCEPT for Kale and Celery, and hate the nasty bitter grapefruit. I also hate mushrooms. I don't like cilantro either. Tastes like Ivory soap.
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    Diet Jello.
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    Really the biggest thing I did was eat leaner cuts of meat like a NY strip versus a ribeye and lean ground turkey instead of ground chuck. I actually eat full fat dairy. But I think the biggest thing for me was/is portion control. It took a food scale to show me how much i was over eating.
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    Look for Extreme Wellness brand whole grain tortillas. Only 50 cal in a large tortilla and they taste fine. Also 4 oz of salmon is only 80 cal. Top it with 1/2 of a fresh avocado and you won't be hungry for a long time. Chicken breasts of course are fine too. Oatmeal, quinao etc. are fine but watch the portion sizes. I have an apple and water for a snack.
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    Chicken breast tenderloin, tuna, swai, tilapia, asparagus, eggbeaters.
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    Low calorie? Ole Extreme Wellness tortillas are quite low calorie.
    My bowl of veg has stuff like broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, and squash. That's all fairly low cal. I ferment milk to make kefir and use that, which eliminates the lactose calories in milk and makes it a great probiotic food. For beef and pork I use only the thin cuts. Most dinners, I use only one thin cut. Tomorrow I'm planning to use 2 slices of beef to make my Philly cheese steak knockoff. I basically just use real food and a scale to keep my portions reasonable for my daily calorie targets.
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    I stopped doing diet anything. The more I ate of the diet stuff the sicker I felt. I try to eat real food, so not eating out mostly and not getting prepackaged as much as possible. I try to watch the ingredients on any packaged food and try to get ones without fake food/man made chemical ingredients. As long as it fits into the calories for the day I try to enjoy if I want it.
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    Egg beaters
    Plain nonfat Greek yogurt
    Ezekiel 7 grain sprouted bread
    Almond or Soy Milk