New! SHORT! people of 5ft and under wanting to lose weight?? shorties unite!

Hey! i'm ollie!
I'm trying to lose a little weight and eat healthy for myself!
Im also super tiny!
I'm 4'11
so i dont burn a lot of calories in my BMR!
its harder to lose weight when you're a shortie :cry:


  • PinkPixiexox
    PinkPixiexox Posts: 4,142 Member
    Hi Ollie!
    I'm also a shortie! I see people on here being 'allowed' around 1800 a day to LOSE weight. I'm not even 'allowed' 1800 to MAINTAIN my weight. Not fair! But we can do this :)
  • Moonbound2468
    Moonbound2468 Posts: 3 Member
    5'1 on some scales 5 on others. Can I join in?
  • Cheeseandcats
    Cheeseandcats Posts: 143 Member
    I'm 5' so I know all about this! I also gain weight if I just LOOK at junk food:-p
  • missannabel
    missannabel Posts: 17 Member
    4ft 8, feel free to add me x
  • deidarachan
    deidarachan Posts: 1 Member
    Shorty cluuuuub lol
  • Krri
    Krri Posts: 4 Member
    It might be a little harder to lose being so limited with calories, but every pound lost makes a huge difference in how we shorties look! It's all relevant!
  • apullum
    apullum Posts: 4,838 Member
    I'm 4' 11.75" and I'm almost at my goal weight. Feel free to add me.
  • sathveer
    sathveer Posts: 4 Member
    I'm 5.2 can i join...
  • KayCeeRein
    KayCeeRein Posts: 44 Member
    Yes!!!! 5'0
  • fign8r
    fign8r Posts: 10 Member
    i'm 5'8 and i feel short lol
  • perkymommy
    perkymommy Posts: 1,642 Member
    4'11 here and trying to lose 25 lbs. Ladies feel free to friend me! :)
  • 2BeHappy2
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    edited March 2017
  • Doc140
    Doc140 Posts: 1 Member
    I am 4'11" I found it hard in the beginning to stick to the 1200 calorie diet. Going into week 6 now. Its getting easier and I am down 7 lbs. Excerise is also getting easier.