Moms are great!

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I'm feeling the feels today and want to know what everyone's fondest memories of their mom is. Or just a memory of their mom that sticks out.

I remember once when I was a little boy, elementary age, I wanted a candy bar in line at the grocery store. My mom said I couldn't have it. So me being me i grabbed it, opened it and took a bite. Thinking if it's open she would now have to buy it for me. Well she did buy it. She bought it and ate it in front of me. I learned two things that day, you don't steal and two when my mom says no she means no.


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    All I got is when I was real young we were going to church and she wore this peach colored high collar, long sleeved, floor length, all lace dress and I remember thinking my mom was beautiful and I always thought that growing up. I'd always be in her room trying on that same dress but I was always too short.
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    My Mom,, such a very special Lady to me,
    Has always been there for me,,always there to help,,
    So many Memories that are wonderful and heart warming.
    She may be a bit crazy at times and get on my nerves occasionally.

    I Love My Mom
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    Me and my mom went to a summer camp when I was a kid, I was a camper and she was staff, campers stayed in cabins with their dorm members, staff stayed in tents. I knew my mom didnt like camping but was glad she was doing it, the last night there was a bad rainstorm, and the next morning all the other tent-staying staff members went to the breakfast hall looking rough and tired, and my mom strolls in with prefectly done hair and makeup looking rested........she checked into a hotel!! love that panzy :smile:
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    I'm a 69 yo grandfather but I still remember seeing my Mom come out in the yard and do a cartwheel when I was young! I remember being shocked that she could do that.

    She was probably about 100# and was Mom to six of us!
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    The most peaceful I have is from when I was 3 years-old. Simply of me and her sitting on the back of a truck tailgate in the sunny summertime listening to Carly Simon's song "Jessie."

    To this day, I think of her anytime I hear it. I bought it and made it her ringtone. I'm sure we listened to other music that day but for some reason that song reminds me of my mom, summer, and peaceful quiet time.
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    These stories are awesome! I have tried to be the kind of mom that one day my kids have these stories! <3
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    Sitting on the floor in front of my mom while she braided my hair.
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    I have alot of fun memories with my mom.
    One that sticks out is....
    Usually we would go to Lake Tahoe in the winter to snow ski. But the time we went together in the summer, we made a deal. She promised if I went shopping everywhere she wanted to go, that she would do the fun thing I wanted to do. So we went horseback riding at the Squaw Valley Stables at the Olympic Village together. :)