'Breakfast' do I have to eat it first thing?

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I've been eating breakfast in the morning within an hour of being up and about. Then spend the rest of the day absolutely STARVING. Like I just can't satisfy my hunger. I've tried all sorts of different combinations of foods - keeping in my goals and it just doesn't cut it, I've been hungry everyday and waking up hungry in the early hours. Which I ignore.

Obviously I didn't get to be overweight by eating well. My problem is more that I don't eat at all until later in the day but then tended to go for a big dinner that wasn't always healthy.

So would it really really be that bad to just shift it back and eat breakfast later. I currently eat between 9-10am breakfast, 1pm for lunch and then dinner around 6-7pm.

I think I'd be more inclined to stick with it if I narrowed the window and ate at 11-12, 3 and 6-7

If I'm in my allowances and not binge eating and miserable, surely that's better?!


  • Machka9
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    'Breakfast' do I have to eat it first thing?

    Nope. :)

    During the week, I get up about 7:45 am, and don't touch food until 10:30 am when I'm at work.

    On the weekend, I sleep in to some extent or another, but don't usually have breakfast until about noon or 1 pm, several hours after I've been up.

    The only time I eat breakfast within an hour or so of getting up is when I've got a long bicycle ride on the weekend. I sleep as late as I can, get up, get ready, stuff a couple pieces of toast in my mouth, and I'm out the door.
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    I normally just have some orange juice with some powdered greens at 7:30 and don't eat my breakfast til I get into work, even then it's only a weetabix with a little milk. On a weekend I sometimes don't eat until mid-afternoon.
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    I have breakfast when I'm hungry. But I'll be more likely to be hungrier after if I don't have a good amount of protein/fat/fiber.
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    I so totally agree Emily! I am a newbie but I have noticed many times when I get up and eat breakfast, I am hungry soon after and all day. I was talking to my nutrition counselor the other day and I told her that when I do eat breakfast, if I eat oatmeal, I do not get hungry as quick. She said it is because oatmeal slowly releases sugars whereas orange juice or most other "breakfast" foods give a sugar spike. So now I wait till I get hungry for breakfast and then I eat something like oatmeal that helps me feel full during the day.
  • emilyc_1987
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    Thanks everyone!

    I guess I'll see how I go on this new schedule for a while. As long as I don't eat my own arms off in hunger! :D
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    It really just depends on if you go over your cals snacking all day after eating breakfast. If not then eat breakfast and enjoy your snacks.

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    I eat when I'm hungry. I usually don't eat breakfast for a few hours after I wake up but I wake up around 5-6am most mornings. I eat once I get back from taking kids to school, around 8-9am.
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    You don't have to eat it at all
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    It depends on you. My breakfast is always a protein shake. I'm up at 4am but don't normally drink my shake until 9 or 9:30. I'm just not a breakfast person.
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    i don't know what type of diet you're on, but you can try making some variation of bulletproof coffee. it's high fat and fills me up. i wouldn't start with a full 2 tablespoons of mct oil, but you can google it and make your own version.
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    My breakfast is coffee.

    I eat brunch and early dinner. This seems to help keep my hunger at bay. On occasion when I do eat breakfast I'm hungry the rest of the day.

    I love going out to eat breakfast on Saturday mornings so I just bank some calories because I know I will eat more on Saturday lol.
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    I don't even have breakfast now because I adore having a huge dinner. I hold on until lunchtime, have something quite low calorie like tinned tomatoes on a pitta with cream cheese, then have a big calorie heavy dinner. I find that also stops me snacking in the evening because I'm so satisfied from my big dinner. I have done really well eating like this. Just a few lbs off my target which is awesome!

    ^^^ This. Having a yummy dinner to look forward to is the best.
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    I usually eat breakfast between 11-1145 depends on breaks at work if im on a day off ill have it around 10. I dont think when you eat it matters
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    I've eaten later this past two days and eaten less than I have before and haven't been hungry at all. Clearly it doesn't what time you eat, it's what you eat. Like you all say. Keep it in the allowances and eat whenever it fits!

    Thanks everyone! Hopefully this fatpie will be a skinny slice in good time! haha!
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    Breakfast can be whenever you want. I workout first thing in the morning (5:30) so I usually eat breakfast right after I am done. I have found that if I have my protein shake and overnight oats for breakfast, I really don't get hungry until I take lunch at 12. Everyone is different
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    Honestly, I never eat breakfast. I prefer to eat a big lunch, a huge protein smoothie for dinner, and then a snack before 11pm. So long as you're eating at a calorie deficit meal timing doesn't matter.