mommy pouch weight loss post pics here for motivation!!!!

I had my second child in September and I've been doing my fitness pal for two months now to try to lose all the baby weight but I still have that dreaded mommy pouch. My starting weight was 199 and I'm at 183 and my goal weight is 170 but I feel like I'm hitting a dead end and I need motivation!!!!


  • GemimaFitzTed
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    Bunny81s wrote: »
    I totally understand how you feel. The first pic is how I looked after having my third son almost four years ago. I didn't think I could lose the abdominal weight because it was coming off of other places on my body much faster. The tummy is the last to go. Be patient. You can do it

    @Bunny81s you look amazing!!!!! Thank you for sharing your pic - it's giving me hope and motivation. Like you, the abdominal fat is very stubborn, but I am determined!
  • MyLovesMyLife
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    Great job
  • hoorayselma
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    I had my daughter in 2012, I weighed 220lbs after she was born (I'm 5'9 for reference). You can still see my stretch marks and loose skin, no amount of exercise or weight loss will change it. I'm coming to terms with it. My current picture is around 127lbs with weight lifting and fitness.

    One word .. WOW!
  • rabbyduby
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    Awesome - progress. Very inspiring. Not to hijack this thread but can you guys share your eating and workout routine
  • ann945n
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    I dont have any pictures to share yet but I too am trying to get rid of my mommy tummy. I had 2 babies in 22 months and gained way more weight then I should have with my second. Im 10 pounds down so far and can already see/feel the difference. Time will tell if I get loose skin.....
  • Bunny81s
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    Thank you! I am 5'7.
  • Bunny81s
    Bunny81s Posts: 17 Member

    Thanks sweetie! You've got this!!
  • MyLovesMyLife
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    That's a great job.
  • JohnnyPenso
    JohnnyPenso Posts: 412 Member
    Some very inspiring transformations in here. There's something extra attractive about new moms working on their weight and fitness. Keep up the good work ladies :)
  • Krystasfocused25
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    Very awesome transformations ladies!!!
  • MyLovesMyLife
    MyLovesMyLife Posts: 424 Member
    Great work i could not imagine being 125. How tall are you?
  • victoria_1024
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    Great work i could not imagine being 125. How tall are you?

    5'2.5" so I'm short. I could probably lose a few more pounds, but honestly I'm good with where I'm at. I just want to be healthy!
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