WANTED: Flat Belly Transformation Stories (Before/After Pics if Possible!)

jbirdgreen Posts: 569 Member
DISCLAIMER: We all know you can't spot reduce, or choose where you lose weight. However, this thread is for those who have seen belly fat loss as a part of their overall fitness journey!

Here's some helpful things to include when you share your story:
  • Before/After weight
  • Height
  • How long it took to see results and/or lose weight
  • Describe your nutrition/exercise regimen
  • Before/After pics (optional)

I am struggling with my stomach right now. I am losing weight, gaining some muscle and toning all over...but getting rid of this gut is taking longer than I anticipated. I see very faint ab shadows/outlines, so I know the muscles there and strong, but I still have a pretty pudgy lower tummy.

For me, seeing other people who have gotten past my current stage would really encourage me to keep going. There has to be somebody else getting really frustrated about this, and I think seeing real life success stories can be great motivation for everybody!


  • sherry0101
    sherry0101 Posts: 6 Member
    I have this problem
    Also ...interested to hear some success stories with this
  • branbuds
    branbuds Posts: 624 Member
    Me too! I have lost about 25 lbs and I am smaller all over, but I continue to have fat over my belly. I, too, can feel the abs underneath the fat. I wasn't sure what weight was my ultimate goal. But it will be whatever weight I am when the belly fat is gone. I am not sure if this is realistic though. I am older and have had 2 kids. Maybe the belly fat will never go away?
  • farmgirl1677
    farmgirl1677 Posts: 16 Member
    I also would be interested in seeing/hearing some success stories in this area. I'm just starting my journey, over again, for the last time, and my tummy is my biggest issue.
  • jbirdgreen
    jbirdgreen Posts: 569 Member
    Thank you all for expressing your interest -- now we just wait for someone to take the bait!
  • jbirdgreen
    jbirdgreen Posts: 569 Member
    @usmcmp...Exactly! Thanks
  • b1229
    b1229 Posts: 57 Member
    Height- 5'4.5"
    Highest Weight - 260 lbs
    Lowest Weight - 122 lbs
    Current weight - 133 lbs on average

    My highest weight was in Jan 2012. I did a crash diet in 2012. Lost a good chunk of weight, but I couldn't maintain it long term and gained 20 lbs back. I started using MFP in early March 2013 at around 220 lbs (Picture above is at 210 lbs). With the help of MFP, a food scale and my fitbit I got down to 172 lbs in September 2013. Same month I found out I was pregnant with my second. Gained 40 lbs during pregnancy and lost it all in 6-7 months (2014 pic is about 3 months after c-section). I made it to 122 lbs in March 2016. Gained about 11 lbs in 2016 and decided to switch to recomp in Feb 2017.

    Point is that it's been a long process that has taken years.

    Strength training has been a very big part of my exercise routine. I use dumbbells, bodyweight, and resistance bands at home. When I am able to make it to the gym I use the barbell.

    Wow such an inspiration hope to get there :)
  • jbirdgreen
    jbirdgreen Posts: 569 Member
    @shadow2soul, @skinnyinachubbybody and @Zendrick

    Thank you all so much for sharing your before and after photos! So inspiring, and you look amazing! ;)
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