I run because I need to and I hate it

I'm an obese. 20 yrs old. I've seen people way older than me who runs way more miles than me. I also witnessed the advantage of being a runner. That makes me want to love running. But everytime I run, I always think of doing it because I need to not because I want to. I always think of rest I always check my timer if I already run 2mins. For runners out there, what are your thoughts when you run? I really want to love running heeelp


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    Sorry for bad english
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    I have always hated running too. I've been cycling and walking almost every day for the past couple of months and have burnt loads of calories and toned my legs. Running would probably be more effective if I could stick with it but I know I would struggle.
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    All because your old doesn't mean your not fit as a younger person
    100 year olds run marathons
    Lifes not a competition :)
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    If you really don't like running, you could try cycling or hiking or cross-country skiing. Or mix it up. Run one day, do a brisk walk the next, go for a bicycle ride the next day, etc.
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    Why do something you hate? Why do something because someone else does?

    You couldn't pay me to run.... I don't see the point. I prefer to exercise in other ways, and have strengths in other areas. I have many friends who run marathons - they love it, and their ability to run impresses me, but in no way make some think I should also be a runner!
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    There are so many ways to exercise - you have to find something you really enjoy or you won't stick to it long-term. I tried running again and again but it always felt like a chore (even when I was slim). It was the same with walking and cycling.
    Then I discovered fitness training. I lift weights, I do cardio, kettlebell workouts, kickboxing, and I LOVE it. Even when I fell off the wagon for a year I didn't stop exercising. It is as much a part of my everyday routine as brushing my teeth.
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    No one needs to run. Well, not unless they are being chased by zombies or the cops that is...

    The zombies thing - that's how I got into running, and depending on what works to keep your mind going it might work for you. There's an app called 'Zombies, Run' which essentially puts you as the supply runner for a survivor group in the zombie apocalypse. The stories are fantastic, full cast and audio effects, and you can run to your own music in between the story clips. There's also a 'Zombies 5K' training app which serves as both a prequel and to get you going if you want to do that kind of thing. Record runs, speed etc via satnav.

    Just thought it was worth mentioning - I hate running. Absolutely, beyond a doubt hate it. But that app gets me off my backside and out of the door just to find out what's next in the story.

    Yeah, I've heard good things about that app. Never tried it myself though although I did flirt with the idea.

    I'm waiting for VR to take off in exercise. I think it will be awesome. Can you imagine being a Samurai in Medieval Japan having to fight your way across a realistic landscape, or Jason Bourne gone rogue on a mission, or going head to head with the Predator?

    Would all of that involve sprints and running? Hell yeah.
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    I have a love/hate relationship with running. First, I didn't start with running. I started with walking, lots and lots of walking. As I started walking faster I started feeling wither urges to run. But running does sometimes cause my joints to ache. The doctor says my joints are fine (just getting a bit older) and I just need to get stronger. And to be honest, I still don't run non-stop long distances, I run 2,3,5, or 10 min intervals depending on how much time I have and what speed I feel like running. Intervals keep it interesting...which leads to point 2...

    I also have ADHD, and there are some days where I have the attention span of a highly caffeinated toddler. On these days, running (and kickboxing) is the thing that allows me to release enough energy to focus. I have a play list of all my favorite punk music that makes me happy and I just run some sprint intervals until my brain feels still. And sometimes I pretend zombies are chasing me :)

    I hate running because it takes time, sometimes it's hard to get motivated, sometimes my joints hurt, and I'm not a huge fan of being gross sweaty. However, it's always the thing I come back to over and over again. I love it because I get to listen to music really loud, it helps me focus and sleep better, and when I'm done I'm proud that it did it. If you 100% hate it just stop, if you can find something that makes it enjoyable focus on that. Walk more than you run if your just starting out, don't force it, your body will tell you when your ready to run. There are some many things to try so don't force yourself to do something you hate.
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    I hate running. Of all things, it makes my shoulder hurt. I'd rather skate and briskly walk than run.
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    Anything that you do to lose weight that you hate will most likely discourage you to lose weight. Find activities you love doing or have a great pay off besides the weight loss. You can burn calories just cleaning your home or making a nutritious home cooked meal. You can find simple activities you love to increase your daily calorie burn.

    Focus on improving your eating habits more so than improving your exercise habits. Once you start eating healthier and losing weight you will find yourself having more energy and zeal for exercise.