Almost 50

15 months until I'm 50. Want to lose 70 pounds in that time frame!


  • gokellyjo
    gokellyjo Posts: 4 Member
    Wow - that's real rapid weight loss! As we age (I just turned 53) maintains a healthy weight is soooo much harder! Good luck to you!
  • besaro
    besaro Posts: 1,859 Member
    I lost 100 in a year when I was 47. Took me a year totally doable.
  • floridamike99
    floridamike99 Posts: 35 Member
    15 months is 65 weeks. Barely a pound per week. TOTALLY doable!! It will all come down to what you DECIDE! If you DECIDE that reaching that goal is the top priority, the rest will all fall in place. I bounced between 230-265 for 25 years. Then I DECIDED. Now I bounce between 170-185 (depending on the season and my ability to ride my bike a lot).

    As an aside, I also DECIDED when I was 48 that I wanted to retire ASAP. That became another top priority. I retired last summer at 53. It's kinda awesome.

    I know--I come off as pretty arrogant, but I learned that this life is not a practice run, so whatever I DECIDE to make my priority can happen (pretty easily in most cases). I'm sure you are no different--just DECIDE that getting to that goal is worth whatever you need to do to get there. And your goal is not at all unachievable. Its a big deal, but thousands of people have done it--you can too!