What event or date is motivating you right now?



  • northerngirl09
    northerngirl09 Posts: 14 Member
    My friends wedding in June. Am down 24lbs thanks to a well known diet "company", but this is no longer working so I'm back to MFP. Want to lose another 14lbs by then. 2lbs off in my first week despite not losing any on the "diet" plan since Xmas!
  • kzertuche
    kzertuche Posts: 48 Member
    Going to tour Europe this fall, I want to be comfortable for the super long flight and like how I look in pictures
  • wendyg311
    wendyg311 Posts: 239 Member
    Stepson getting married next year. Don't want to see my husband's ex looking this way. Have a lot of work to do.
  • STC02
    STC02 Posts: 48 Member
    I graduate at the end of June from University and then I go to Orlando, Florida 8 weeks later
  • Merlotmom16
    Merlotmom16 Posts: 124 Member
    I'm taking this a step at a time. I started at 265 a year ago and I am down to 215. First goal is to be back to under 199 by the end of May. 16 lbs to go! Second goal is to lose another 20 before my wedding anniversary in September. Third goal is another 10 by New Year's. Then will see if I can keep it off. :p
  • Melseegs
    Melseegs Posts: 1 Member
    Going to a Florida wedding this August and seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in years. I also recently started seeing someone and want to be a lot more comfortable and confident in myself for him
  • reachingforarainbow
    reachingforarainbow Posts: 224 Member
    My current goal for July 29th (Friend's wedding): Fit into this really cute dress I bought 2 summers ago - it's 1 size to small. Seems attainable
  • ercarroll311
    ercarroll311 Posts: 295 Member
    I'm always looking at the next event. Now it's Easter, then Memorial Day, a NYC trip in June, engagement pictures, Ozarks trip in August, and getting married in Jamaica in December! I'm where I want to be, so thinking about these times I'll be indulging helps me stay on track and plan better now.
  • caroldavison332
    caroldavison332 Posts: 864 Member
    dorisj717 wrote: »
    My 19 year old son needs another kidney transplant so I'm losing weight so I can donate my kidney.

    you win the internet.
  • plantsarethebomb
    plantsarethebomb Posts: 1 Member
    The end of the semester! Once summer break hits I'm planning on going a lot harder on cardio and strength training (and by harder i mean, actually doing it) but right now I'm just focusing on eating healthier.
  • caroldavison332
    caroldavison332 Posts: 864 Member
    My 10 year high school reunion is in October. I had the gastric sleeve 3/14/17. Ultimately my goal is to be healthy but I want to look good for that day since I have some time to get there. I haven't seen some of my classmates since graduation. I've always been plus size, so I'm excited to loose this weight and be healthy.

    Perhaps a little threading to get rid of the kitty cat whiskers too and foundation to even out the coloring. My sisters report on her high school reunion: no wonder I didn't hang out with these people. I have nothing in common with them. And they guy that she had been in love with? Came out as gay. The guy I was in love with? Got a job in Atlantic city casinos and dated show girls.
  • rhiawiz57
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    I go on an annual heavy metal music cruise in early Feb. My pictures from this last one were awful. I had 3 chins. Next time, I'll be looking much better. I have plenty of time.

    Also, I turned 40 in Jan. this year. I want to use this year to whip myself back into better shape. I want to hit 41 in much better shape than when I hit 40, and i'm already on track to do that.

    I also want my cholesterol to be lower next time I get it checked. Lots of reason that this year is the year! I have til Dec 31 to crush my goals! Plenty of time. 9 lbs down, 40 to go. I'm 20% there already (the positive side I tell myself when I think of how much I have yet to lose)!
  • JourneeAfter0704
    JourneeAfter0704 Posts: 79 Member
    I go on an annual river floating trip in july!
  • caroldavison332
    caroldavison332 Posts: 864 Member
    My band just got signed to a record label - we have a photo shoot in a month and a half - trying to get close to my normal weight ( which is 10 pounds lighter) by then....
    I live in the city so - alot of walking. I walk a minimum of 3 miles everyday just to get back and forth to work...been increasing it to at least 4 miles and watching calories intensly... Im 4 days in...lost 1 pound. Fingers crossup i can keep it up....

    May I suggest that you consider eating for strength, including a variety of different colored veggies like white, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and brown? Your SKIN is probably going to show the most on any covers and you want that to look MAHVELOUS. And congratulations!
  • __TMac__
    __TMac__ Posts: 1,665 Member
    I'm taking a learn-to-row class in June, and I have this fear of tipping the boat because I'm too big. I think I can get to a healthy body fat percentage by then. Just 15 lbs to go.

    After I started losing weight, I realized that next year is my 30th high school reunion. Talk about motivation to keep the weight off!
  • rnedwbt
    rnedwbt Posts: 57 Member
    10 year anniversary trip to the US Virgin Islands in October!
  • tayragd
    tayragd Posts: 8 Member
    Several events:
    June: I want to have lost 15lbs for my neice's graduation
    July: 20lbs for Fourth of July festivities.
    August: 25 for back to school ( I teach)
    September: 30 for my birthday
    December 50 for our mountain trip.
    Year from now at least 75.
    I need to loose at least a hundred total and hope to be there next May when my daughter graduates.
    Lots of hard work but working on one goal at the time.
  • FreyasRebirth
    FreyasRebirth Posts: 514 Member
    Camping in August. I want to be able to wear my bikini and not be so jiggly.
  • ashcky
    ashcky Posts: 393 Member
    I wanna look as fly as possible for when I meet my favorite band at the end of July! I would love to rock a crop top!