Loose skin.....



  • sgt1372
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    I'm 66 and lost 36# in 6 months and have been maintaining at 160# for 4 months.

    Developed a 6 pack and muscle dfn but there's still a lot of loose skin in my lower abs. Not sure if it was the result of wt loss or old age. Probably both.

    No changes noted with the passage of time yet. Tried using Vit A (retinol) cream also w/no apparent result.

    Funny thing is the loose skin is most evident when I tighten my abs. Less so when I don't.

    Have a similar problem w/my butt. No loose skin noticeable when relaxed, only when contracted.

    Seems really odd.

    Needless to I try to keep my muscles relaxed when looking at myself in the mirror or standing in front of my GF naked.

    Look pretty good, if I say so myself, when I do that.

    LOL! ;)
  • cheryldumais
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    Lost 73 pounds so far and have lots of loose skin. I have wings and no red bull needed, lol. Still in clothes it's not noticable and I would rather be where I am than where I was. Even at 233 pounds I had a flabby hanging stomach with tons of stretch marks from two 9+ pound babies so I don't expect it to magically disappear. I am saving for skin surgery (tummy tuck, breast lift) when I lose the last 25 pounds. I'm hoping my arms and thighs will improve with time as I can only manage one surgery. Hang in there OP either way the loss is worth it flabby skin or not.
  • Theo166
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    watched a program on fasting where they implied fasting could lead to reducing saggy skin after weight loss.
  • alifamily1130
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    IT has been the most difficlut thing to face and i feel like i have more then i should left of skin the only alternative for me seems to be to have it cut and removed I lost over 90lbs within a year i didnt do any real strengnth training and as a result my stomach is a horrible mess however if i cut back on sugar i think it would help me but the problem is cutting back on the sugar