Do carbs make you bloated?



  • Afura
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    Oh and say when you eat a carb, stay with the serving size. Oatmeal might do well with the digestive track. I love it in the morning gives ya energy and keeps ya full!! Plus is easy to digest. A half cup serving dry make a cup cooked and it's like a huge portion. Plus I add in full banana. Half smashed and half slice plus flax seeds. So good!!

    Which is funny as I remember a thread where someone was saying that oatmeal made them feel bloated. :smiley: Oatmeal doesn't keep me full, sadly. :frowning: But that looks delicious
    BTW, try grinding/breaking up your flaxseed it makes it better for digesting the nutrients out of it as our system doesn't break down the hulls that well.
  • MoiAussi93
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    Yes, they do for me.
  • Lounmoun
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    They don't seem to bother me.
  • MaddMaestro
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    For me they do. No carbs = light feeling and flat stomach, carbs = bloated stomach and lethargic stuffed feeling. Everyone's different.
    I'm exactly the same

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    I don't feel bloated. Carbs are good with digestion and help add toxins from the body! I would stick to brown rice, whole wheat pastas and breads. If you eat them! I find that they are easier to digest! Gluten free options are amazing too. I could eat a whole cup of brown rice and not gain a pound. The other day I had a cup of white rice and gained a lb because it's harder to digest. I lost that pound because I went back to eating healthier. It stays in your digestive tract longer.. oh and all purpose flour or white flour I wouldn't eat much of it. Stick to corn or rice flour and and other option!! Hope this helps. I've been keeping a really close eye on my weight and how things flow through my body. I've lost 127lbs

    >.> what science is this? lol
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    Carbs generally aren't the problem. Hell, just look at these posts, and go over to and check all of the "carb bloat" threads. What are these people usually getting bloated on? Bread, pasta, corn chips, cereals, bagels, blah blah, etc.

    I've done 600g carb refeeds on bagels and looked like a bloated, floating corpse for a week.

    I've done 600g refeeds with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plain rice, and no bloat (and little actual scale gain).

    The more likely culprit: sodium.
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    I get bloating if I eat too many refined carbs, particularly white bread.. but everyone is different.
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  • TavistockToad
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    day to day when i'm counting calories & macros and getting between 40-45% carbs, no. when i go on holiday and am scoffing what ever i fancy and drinking whatever i like yes, but that's probably as much to do with the extra booze as the carbs themselves!
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    I tell you what does bloat me. A big milky coffee. Oh boy. All sorts of bloated and tummy related shenanigans. Those two things independent of each other not an issue, put them together and I'm in for a bad time. So I have to decide if I want a less tasty soy version or just live with the consequences!
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    I have IBS. Random things bloat me all the time. My favorite carbs in the whole world (potatoes) don't especially bloat me when that's not flaring.
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    Talking to a guy who eats 420+ grams of carbs a day and it makes my muscles feel "full". I love carbs :]
  • Hornsby
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    No, I feel and look less bloated when I eat higher carb.
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    I only bloat when my gastritis is flaring up.its not fun and very uncomfortable.