Who's always cold ???

Ok so 13 months ago I downloaded myfitnesspal and have never regretted it. I have lost 84 pounds !!! So proud of myself. Just wondering if anyone else who has lost weight has been as cold as I am. I am always cold all the time. ! Is this a Normal thing ? Just checking around.


  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,959 Member
    Fat is an insulator, that's why polar bears and whales and seals and other cold water mammals have such a thick layer of fat under the skin. When we lose weight, we lose our layer of protective blubber! I feel the cold sooo much more at 80lbs lighter.
  • suzilla53
    suzilla53 Posts: 65 Member
    Yes,I'm always cold after loosing weight. I just discovered you can order arm warmers online, best thing ever. I also wore leg warmers daily all winter long, and that's over pants or leggings!
  • nrbutton
    nrbutton Posts: 165 Member
    Cold all the time...yup. Another unfortunate side effect of losing weight for me is at under 140 lbs (I'm a 5'3" woman) my tail bone hurts too bad to sit down. Once I lose all the cushion my tail bone protrudes quite a bit
  • UpEarly
    UpEarly Posts: 2,555 Member
    I'm always cold! I'm so cold that I've actually been to several doctors and had lots of bloodwork done to see if there was something wrong with me. The bloodwork was all fine, so the doctors mostly chalked it up to me being lean. I also was eventually diagnosed with Raynaud's and pernio/chillblains. At least that explained the extreme coldness and lack of circulation in my fingers and toes. The doctors think that's partly autoimmune and partly hormonal, but definitely exacerbated by my weight loss.
  • Kristi26
    Kristi26 Posts: 184 Member
    I'm always cold. Always. I detest being cold. :(
  • STEVE142142
    STEVE142142 Posts: 867 Member
    Lost 80 pounds. Yes I noticed I am colder as previous posters have said it that is a great insulator.

    I also despise the cold. Give me 85 to 90 degrees everyday and I'm happy
  • STEVE142142
    STEVE142142 Posts: 867 Member
    Meant to say fat is a great insulator
  • naomillion
    naomillion Posts: 351 Member
    gamommy wrote: »
    Oh I can't wait to get there. I'm always SO HOT. Went to the children's museum today with my son's class and they had this wind tunnel...I could have stayed in it all day because I was sweating like crazy.

    I am in the same boat. I lost 80 pounds and have about 20-30 to go, but I am still sweating waaaaaay too much! :s Hopefully that will improve. It might also be due to my water intake. I do drink plenty of water :smiley:

    I was really cold in the first few weeks when I started my journey, then it went back to normal, in other words me sweating again like crazy :lol:
  • ladyreva78
    ladyreva78 Posts: 4,080 Member
    My officemates tend to make fun of me. I'm always cold and even have a small personal heater under my desk.

    They shut up when told them to go lose 30kg of insulating mass and then report back to me.

    Oddly enough, even though I'm cold much of the time, I still sweat like crazy, feet and hand especially. :neutral:
  • Geocitiesuser
    Geocitiesuser Posts: 1,429 Member
    Excuse the comparison, but now after losing so much weight I'm like a little old lady who's always cold (I'm a 6' tall mid-age male).

    The women and men in my office are almost always battling over the temperature, and it feels as though I've "switched teams". I even have a space heater next to me now.
  • Morgaen73
    Morgaen73 Posts: 2,817 Member
    Yup. I used to be they guy wearing short sleeves in winter. Now that I've lost 136lbs, if it get under 62F I'm in long sleeves lol
  • ekd23
    ekd23 Posts: 89 Member
    I've lost 50 lbs and am always cold, but was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and turns out that is one of the symptoms. Not to say that is the case for you though. Congrats on the weight loss!! :)
  • caroldavison332
    caroldavison332 Posts: 864 Member
    Someone posted on here to leave sweaters all over the place, at work, in cars, by the kitchen or tv room. Thank you.
  • Fat_Fighter87
    Fat_Fighter87 Posts: 61 Member
    Me! I'm so nesh whether I'm fatter or thinner it literally makes no difference. It's 16 degrees outside and I'm sat in my pj's with a dressing gown, hot water bottle and the heating on. I'll be sweating my jugs off soon then cold again later. I don't seem to have a normal temperature
  • GemstoneofHeart
    GemstoneofHeart Posts: 865 Member
    Yes I have lost 25 lbs and I am much colder than I used to be!
  • bee_bee8
    bee_bee8 Posts: 96 Member
    I always used to be cold when I was thin... After I put on over 60 lbs, I couldn't believe how overheated I was all the time! I thought I was getting early menopause or something. Now that I've lost some, I'm starting to notice I'm getting colder haha. My feet and hands especially. I have to say I don't love being cold, but I prefer it to feeling hot all the time.
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