Still don't feel like I belong in weights room but go in anyway :)



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    Good for you for not letting that comment get to you. I too am petite and I spend the vast majority of my time in the weight room, trying to build muscle and increase strength. I do notice people staring at me a lot and I was also on the receiving end of a hurtful comment just a couple of weeks ago, but I try to just brush it off. I do my best to focus on the strength that I'm trying to build -- not on other people judging. You have the right attitude!
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    Are you sure he wasn't referring to your weight-lifting form? It seems everyone here is assuming the "not right" meant a girl lifting weights. Maybe "not right" meant not lifting right.

    I see a lot of poor form lifting weights.

    I started lifting weights at 25, back in 1989. I was such a weakling! But I fell in love with it. I enjoy it so much more than aerobic exercise. Some gyms had a women-only room, but weights only went to 15 pounds back then. I had to go to the co-ed room when I started lifting heavier, which of course meant men only besides me. Some gyms had a small, but separate free-weight room, which had only men besides me. The rooms were always packed, too. I choose dumb bells rather than barbell. It was annoying to rotate on the barbell with someone whose weight bearing was so much greater than mine. But, there was only one guy who was ever huffy about it. All others were generous. It was me who wanted to just get through my workout, so I avoided the barbells. Most of the guys were friendly & educational. I learned a lot.

    I also learned that weight lifting benefits some female-specific ailments. Did you know that it strengthens your bones, too? The pulling of tendons & ligaments increases the density of bone. Did you know that weight lifting helps balance hormones?

    I'm 51 now. I stopped working out for 10-ish years due to life getting in the way. I lost my posture. I had hip & knee pain due to weak supporting muscles. I couldn't get up from the floor without pulling with my arms.

    When I went gym shopping two years ago, I was so pleased to see a woman-only room with free weights up to 50 lb & barbells, too. (I'm willing to lift co-ed. I was pleased because of the mindset of the gym.)

    Like I said, I'm 51 & was 60 lb overweight when I joined MFP. (Lost 15 lbs!!!) I've worked back to 20 lb dumbbells. Only the super fit young'uns lift more. The joint pain is gone. My posture is attractive again. I can enjoy outdoor activities again.

    I'm glad to see so many women using free weights. But, I see a lot of bad form. Sometimes, I cringe at what they are probably doing to their back or shoulder. It looks bad.
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    About half of the people in my weight room are women.
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    Lol. Love the positivity. Hi no cause the trainer just demonstrated before and I only did a barbell squat. I my squat form is spot on, just had a bar on me. He definitely was on about me lifting in the weights room. He was walking on treadmill chatting to his mate
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    We have a 6 station squat rack at my gym and yesterday there were 4 women, myself included, lifting some heavy weights. We were all shapes, sizes and being the oldest at 66. The only comment I heard was from one or two of the guys walking by and saying "nice work girls".

    I've never heard a negative comment from any guy at my gym and if I feel intimidated it's usually on me and my confidence level.

    The only bad thing that ever happened was when some guy tried to unload my plates for me and said I shouldn't have to do that. I politely thanked him but in my mind I was calling a pretty evil name. If I can't unload it then I can't lift it...........sheesh.

    Have fun and get strong! Ignore negativity, that's on them!
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    As I train alone I always feel "out of place" lifting heavy weights in the weights room. A few weeks ago an older guy walking on treadmill said to his workout partner " that doesn't look right" I powered through the workout regardless. Why is it that women shouldn't get strong and progress? I will always remember that comment and I'll always continue doing what I'm doing despite how it looks. It's all about how YOU feel and if something feels good, go for it

    Who cares what they think! I would take strength any day over skinny. Keep it up girl, this is about beating the stereotypes!!
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    praykathy wrote: »
    It seems everyone here is assuming the "not right" meant a girl lifting weights.

    Nope. I said the other thing.
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    The guy was definitely on about me. I took it on the chin and I'll just continue to gain strength and confidence. World is full of critics. Just got to carry on going. I might if looked shy performing the exercise but I know what I'm doing and I'm definitely determined. In few months I think I'll not care less :)
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    "That doesn't look right" could mean your form on whatever you were doing. Or something completely unrelated to you.
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    It could have yes but it didn't. I was there and know. You had to be there kind of situation. Anyway I'll not be writing any further comments justifying what I know. I appreciate all the positive feedback. I think lots of people have been on the recieving end of people's negativity. It just makes me stronger anyway so all is good. Appreciate every single comment about this subject. Have a posting day/night everyone
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    I rarely see women in the weight room. When they do they have a look on their faces like they are sheep wondering into a wolve's den.

    Then they catch glimpses of men staring at their bottoms in the mirrors, and scurry away.

    *shrug* I just squat deeper. And know I must be doing something right.
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    I see women lifting all the time nothing wrong with it could have been talking about form
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    Yes It must happen all over. Maybe eventually it won't be so odd to some. I'll not give up with it. In fact I'm going to go for it more than I ever have. If anyone has any tips on coping with shyness in a gym I'm all ears
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    The only way to normalize it is to just keep doing it.
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    Definitely. It's the only way forward
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    I think a lot of people need to find new gyms or is very normal at my gym to see women lifting...that's the only thing anyone does in my gym as there isn't really a cardio area...everyone lifts, and at least half the clientele is women.
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    I edged into the free weights area this week and did my thing with my itty bitty weights. I lost a lot of muscle when I lost my weight as I did something to my right upper arm that meant I couldn't lift anything for a while, so now I'm lifting like 10s and 8s and even 5s for certain things. I did feel some anxiety but I pay to be there same as everyone.
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    New gym and new attitude starting very soon. I will beat this shyness and I will carry on with my training, if I look stupid well so be it. Least I'll getting some serious gains on the process:)