The day after a binge

Question for those of you who are prone to bingeing. I would say 95% of the time I eat strictly my maintenance calories, but when I go over, I lose all control and binge. It's not ideal but I haven't been able to get a handle on it so my question is what to do the day after. Obviously I want to make up for those calories the rest of the week so I don't gain but mentally it's probably better if I just start the next day back to normal. Does that make sense? Anyone else with a similar situation?


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    Thank you, I also definitely tend to lose control after being overly strict with myself, though I feel good while I'm being more precise so it's hard to find a happy medium for me. I eat at the maintenance MFP provides, though I slowly lose on it. I should probably increase my calories but I've been apprehensive because of these binges. Vicious cycle I guess.
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    It is a vicious cycle. If you are slowly losing with the binges, then I would say you could increase your daily a fair amount and still maintain. Do you track the binges? Could you look at three months of data to see what the daily average is and thd changes in your weight to determine your actual maintenance numbers? I am a big proponent of using your actual numbers to get more accurate results.
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    Thanks, that's a great idea. I do track while binging though I'm not sure how accurately. I'm definitely not weighing my food in the middle of one, but probably well enough to figure out how much I could go up. Thanks!
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    Best of luck! Have you been to a counselor for the binges? Don't underestimate the value of a good professional.
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    Thanks again! I have, though I should probably go more regularly. Agreed!
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    We have 1 cheat day a week, typically Saturday. But only after a workout.
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    3500 calories per month over maintenance mathematically leads to a gain of 12 lbs per year. It would be very easy to eat 3500 calories extra in 1 or 2 binges a month. If you find yourself gaining over a period of several months, then adjust your daily maintenance calories down by 100-200 per day to compensate for the bingeing. Depending on your gain and frequency of bingeing, that number might need to be a little higher or lower.
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    I had a higher than usual day yesterday, not binge worthy, but over 500 calories in the red. So today, I'll exercise more and harder and forget about yesterday!

    How many calories do you usually go over when this happens?
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    I have an unintentional binge day every 5-7 days or so when I restrict too much. I'll hit 3500-4000 cals on those days. I tend to just get back on track the next day. No helpful answer, but I know how it is.
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    If I eat much higher calories than normal, I notice that my appetite naturally decreases the next day or two, so it's as if my body resets itself. Naturally, I make up for it if I listen to my body, without calculating intentionally.
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    Thanks for your help everyone. These are full-on, legitimate binges, usually as much as 3,000 calories over. So far I've been able to get back to my weight pretty quickly by dropping my calories for a few days after, but I'm wondering if the restricting is part of the problem. Thanks again for your suggestions.
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    Any more tips for how to stop binging?
    I binge when stressed or restricting. I read that if I eat more food and allow myself to have more and less 'clean' foods I'll be less inclined to binge. However all it has done is mean that I now binge on chocolate and crisps etc and other foods which I never normally would have eaten. Before binges would be on cereal bread dates and nuts and nut butters! I thought if I allowed myself some unhealthy foods daily like crisps as a snack, I'd binge less. But now I eat those as a snack and binge on them!!
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    Just get up and resume you're normal program. I'd recommend counseling as well.
    I eat based upon my Macro targets vs. calorie target. This means if it fits my %, I can eat it and still maintain/lose weight. Also my body is getting exactly what it needs so I have no cravings and I'm never hungry. Maybe look into that as an alternative?
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    I know I have been eating low carb lately and lost 10 lbs but then binged or ate too many calories yesterday, yes carb foods, texas toast and donuts but today will get back on track. Hard to keep a balance but trying. Stressed a lot with my Mom and sometimes do best you can.
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    The more I tried to restrict my calories to make up for a binge, the more likely I would be to binge. I know it sounds kind of obvious but I'll say it anyway: instead of crying over spilt milk, it is better to address the issues that lead to bingeing in the first place.

    When I used to binge, I'd grab the nearest edible thing as fast as possible and devour it before my mind could get a chance to tell me to stop, and I would end up eating 3000-4000 calories per sitting. Once I joined MFP, I controlled the binges by gradually increasing my deficit as opposed to eating at a 500-calorie deficit from day 1 - started at maintenance, began eating at a 100-cal deficit after a few days, increased that to 200 cals the next week, and so on. I kept only low-calorie snacks in the house. I learnt to recognise emotional triggers that would lead to a binge and distracted myself the best I could by hopping into the shower, brushing my teeth, going for a walk, calling a friend etc. This would give me enough time to get back some semblance of control. Once the "danger" had passed, I would try and work through the emotional problems that made me want to binge, although a better alternative would have been to speak to a counsellor.

    These things worked for me personally, and thought I would give my two cents if it helps anyone. Good luck OP.
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    I love all of these comments - I am a binger as well - and like a lot of you, it seems after being restricted... I am only about 7 pounds away from my goal weight, and have been for a while... I get close, then I binge. I am hoping to get there in the next few weeks and stay in better control. Not easy - best of luck!
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    After a serious binge, like Thanksgiving I def restrict.
    For more minor ones I just get back on track. Also I keep my baseline calories lower than recommended since a) binging is inevitable and b) we tend to underestimate our caloric intake. That way I'm back where I need to be (maintenance) in a day or so.