From the UK looking for friends

F1uffy2 Posts: 84 Member
Hi all. I'm from Grimsby and looking for some UK support. Been on here about 5 years ago and succesfully lost my weight but got a bit comfy this last 2 years so its back to the drawing board to lose it again. Feel free to add me. I'll be here a while with at least 3 stone to lose. Joy!


  • FR89
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    Hello Hello!! Similar story, i've been on here before and kinda drifted off but over the years life style and life events have resulted in me gaining weight. At my heaviest currently and far from my goal weight! :( I have 3 stones to lose to get to my healthy weight! :(
  • purplepetals
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    Hello, I'm Sara from London.
    Going for a 2 stone loss target.
    I have Ulcerative Colitis so for a long time have given up on weight loss as a lot of 'healthy' foods cause me issue and it felt like every time I made any headway, I had to go on a course of steroids so it all piled back on again no matter how hard I tried to prevent it.
    Been well for over a year now so fingers crossed I'm good for a while yet.
  • F1uffy2
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    I think I'm just going to try baby steps this time. I know I need to get the water consumption right and obviously cut back on calories. Salad fills me with dread as I find it so boring unless someone else makes me one! Day 1 wasn't too bad so on with day 2 now......
  • TheCounselorx
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    I'm from the UK... well... Scotland...... I can be a friend :wink:
  • F1uffy2
    F1uffy2 Posts: 84 Member
    More the merrier lol. I need to keep on track so any help or support will be fab
  • Rich71bat
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    Hi all I'm also from U.K. Have lost 3 stone and want to lose another 2. Feel free to add me.
  • TheJourneyToFabulous
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    Im from UK also Scotland. Good luck on your journey!
  • IVMay
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    Ditto good luck and happy times ahead :)
  • jiveslice
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    Same here... good luck!