Talk Trackers With Me - What Do You Use and Like?

My head hurts looking at all the different trackers out there.

I need one that:
-connects to MFP
-is water resistant (shower, dishes)
-tracks walks/runs/sleep/extra exercises are a bonus
-preferably has a display but not totally necessary
-encourages you to move after a certain amount of time

There are so many out there, they all say they're the best, so which is it?

What do you use and like???


  • jeepinshawn
    jeepinshawn Posts: 642 Member
    My experience with fitbit wasn't great. I had the charge and the charge hr. I went through 5 trackers in two years. I had lots of sync issues with MFP, all 5 missed a good deal of steps around the house, and it didn't non step based exercise well, such as the elliptical, and it wasn't water proof. It has a large user base and i had many friends who had one and it was fun to do the challenges with them. The TDEE it gave was often times way off though, way to high.

    I have had a garmin vivofit HR for about 2 weeks now. I have no friend sthat use it, but there is the same social challenge options if friends do convert. It is much more accurate and technical I can enter my own BMR, I can enter my VO2 max, it is water proof, and it recognizes most non step based forms of exercise. It seems to pick up most of my steps around the house, but does sometimes miss flights of stairs.The TDEE seems more consistent with my weight loss as well. It also forwards all my text messages, audio controls, emails etc from my phone...
  • Tacklewasher
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    Another Garmin user. VivoActive HR. Waterproof was essential for me so I didn't look at FitBits. Mine does what you ask, but more and is not cheap. I can download golf courses to mine :) I have no need for the social aspect, but know that FitBit has a larger number of users if that matters to you.

    I also find it pretty accurate. I've compare the calorie burn on the treadmill between this and a Polar chest strap and found them close enough that I don't bother with the strap any more. It has GPS so I can see where I went if I run outside (starting to do that). Can use it for cycling and other activities as well.

    I take mine off for about an hour every day to charge it. Take it off when I sit down for breakfast and let it charge while I eat and shower. It stays on one wrist or the other the rest of the day and night.

    Really comes down to what you will use it for.
  • stanmann571
    stanmann571 Posts: 5,728 Member
    Garmin. Love my Vivoactive
    Jawbone. Up3 isn't very accurate for steps.
    Misfit. Shine is very accurate for milage even without a GPS.
  • BruinsGal_91
    BruinsGal_91 Posts: 1,400 Member
    Garmin Forerunner 25 for me. I'm a runner and it does everything I need. It hasn't got all the bells and whistles that a lot of the other Garmins have (which puts it in a lower price bracket), but it suits me perfectly, and it does everything on your list. The Forerunner 35 is pretty much the same with what it does (plus an HR monitor), but it's a bit sleeker and looks more like the Apple watch.

    Mind you, it was a bit disconcerting the first time I got a fantasy hockey update in the middle of a run.
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,488 Member
    My experience with fitbit charge was horrible.. nevah gonna do that again!

    Previous garmin vivosmart and upgraded to Forerunner 25. While this is tailored for running, it is also an activity tracker (sleep, steps, GPS, heart rate, email notifications, pairs with MFP, etc.).

    I chose this model as apposed to the other expensive Garmin Forerunner watches and I expected this to last 6 months. I planned to upgrade if I liked it, I have had it a year and half and still going, so I ain't broke so I am not replacing

    I wear 24/7 except I do not shower or do dishes in it, not that you can't I just feel like not submerging it in water might help it last longer.
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,970 Member
    My Fenix 5X shipped last night. From my state, so with luck it'll arrive tomorrow. I'm looking forward to some of the fitness improvements (especially the breakout of aerobic/anaerobic training effect, also interested in seeing the training load stuff) but really excited about having maps in the watch.

  • ChristaDuvall
    ChristaDuvall Posts: 13 Member

    Mind you, it was a bit disconcerting the first time I got a fantasy hockey update in the middle of a run.[/quote]

  • SCoil123
    SCoil123 Posts: 2,108 Member
    I have a fitbit flex and am very happy with it
  • Vanguard1
    Vanguard1 Posts: 372 Member
    Misfit Shine 2 does everything you want and has great reviews. I have a original Shine (you can buy them new for $25 on eBay, since the Shine 2 came out), it does everything except tell you when to move. They are the best looking in my opinion also.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 24,558 Member
    I just use Strava to track my bicycle rides and some of my walks.
  • MelanieCN77
    MelanieCN77 Posts: 4,047 Member
    Apple Watch has been amazing for me. Does all those things you're asking, but if you're not an iPhone user it's not for you.
  • Hooligan300
    Hooligan300 Posts: 5 Member
    nike apple watch is what did it for me i love it.
  • Lauraann0204
    Lauraann0204 Posts: 34 Member
    Love my fitbit Flex and Charge Hr. Fitbit is awesome to deal with. My HR got scratched on the screen, I emailed them they sent me a new one. If you have syncing problems they will walk you thru correcting it.
  • macchiatto
    macchiatto Posts: 2,890 Member
    I'm loving my Fitbit Charge 2 so far. I've only had it for a week though so take that fwiw. ;)
    DH just got a TomTom and he is loving it. It has awesome features and is waterproof, unlike mine, which is only water-resistant.

    I was also very tempted by the Garmin Vivoactive HR (I think I got the name right?). Also waterproof. The only reason I went for the Charge 2 instead is I have scrawny 6" wrists and the Garmin seemed too bulky for me to be comfortable wearing every day (especially in professional settings).
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,970 Member
    New Garmin arrived. Impressed so far.
  • hacked0ff
    hacked0ff Posts: 7 Member
    I started with a Fitbit Flex. It lasted almost two years, no complaints. I replaced it with a Garmin Vivofit 3 mostly because its waterproof, has a replaceable battery, don't have to charge it weekly and I can pair it with my TickrX HR strap. Last summer I picked up a Garmin Forerunner 735Xt watch for hiking, cycling and swimming. I alternate between wearing the watch and the vivofit depending on what I'm doing.

    I would pick one that checks all the right boxes for you and go from there. Also think about features you might want later on.

    I ended up with an expensive watch because I started wanting something more than a fancy pedometer/step counter. I get very good use out of that watch so it has been worth the money.

  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,970 Member
    I like the maps. Haven't tried the turn-by-turn navigation yet, but it will be useful for bike rides in unfamiliar places.

  • BruinsGal_91
    BruinsGal_91 Posts: 1,400 Member
    I like the maps. Haven't tried the turn-by-turn navigation yet, but it will be useful for bike rides in unfamiliar places.


    That is one sweet-looking piece of kit.

    I do love Garmin.